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Some of the Mediterranean’s most spectacular beaches are to be found in Tunisia; to the north you’ll discover a coastline of crystal-clear waters, lush vegetation and wild cliffs, while the southern coastline is fascinating due to the desert landscape surrounding it. Tunisia holds something for every type of beach-lover. These are the five most beautiful stretches of golden sand, bathed by intensely blue waters and blessed with sunshine practically all year round.

Tunisian beach | © Tony Hisgett/Flickr
Tunisian beach | © Tony Hisgett/Flickr


The town of Hammamet – just a one-hour drive from capital Tunis – is a no-stress place full of relaxing charms, and is all about the beach. Hammamet’s superb stretches of fine white sands are among the best-known beaches in Tunisia, bathed by warm waters and a huge wealth of marine life. This breathtaking underwater world makes Hammamet beach the number one spot for a vacation filled with scuba diving and snorkeling.

Watch out for: the breathtaking underwater world of Hammamet’s ocean

Address: Hammamet, Tunisia

Hammamet beach | © Joffrey Lacour/Flickr
Hammamet beach | © Joffrey Lacour/Flickr


If you’re looking for just a tad more adventure and action, Monastir beach will keep you going long after sunset. Its golden sandy shores and sparkling waves can be discovered by boat, by board and by camel. A thrilling ride on a banana boat, taming the waves on waterskis and surfboards or exploring the alluring surroundings on camel or horseback – all of this and more is possible in Monastir.

Watch out for: adrenaline pumping experiences in the water, in the air and on the beach

Address: Monastir, Tunisia

Camel by the beach | © Martin Hapl/Flickr
Camel by the beach | © Martin Hapl/Flickr


More to the south-east, on Tunisia’s famous peninsula of Djerba, you will find the best beaches to just enjoy the sun, get that tan you always wanted and go for a relaxing and refreshing swim in the incredibly turquoise waters surrounding the so-called ‘island of the thousand palm trees’. Djerba is a prime tourist destination for a reason, and if it’s a picture-perfect beach escape you’re looking for, this is it. The white powdery sands are perfect for sun-bathing, the old villages and towns on the island are ideal for souvenir shopping and the best seafood dishes are to be savored here.

Watch out for: the crystal clear waters

Address: Djerba, Tunisia

Djerba beach | © alex and mac/Flickr
Djerba beach | © alex and mac/Flickr

El Haouaria

For those who have had enough of the flocks of tourists on the majority of Tunisia’s beaches, El Haouaria comes to the rescue. Off the beaten track, this beach luckily remains unspoiled, surrounded by nature and sleepy villages. Sandy beaches are interspersed with steep cliffs and a rocky coast line with wild waters; very suitable for exciting hikes and sensational photos. Between March and May, this is the hot spot for birdwatchers, as tens of thousands of raptors concentrate at El Haouaria mountains for the crossing to Europe – a stunning sight.

Watch out for: the gorgeous nature surrounding the ocean’s coastline

Address: El Haouaria, Cap Bon, Tunisia

Plage de Chaffar (Sfax)

Another less known plage merveilleuse, but very much to Tunisia’s south this time, is Chaffar Beach. This beautiful strip of sand makes for a very local beach experience, as it is much frequented by the population of nearby city Sfax and becomes a vibrant hub of family fun in the weekends. Veiled Tunisian women going for a swim totally clothed, fathers drinking mint tea while keeping an eye on their playing kids, fashionable girls with huge sunglasses tanning in the blazing sun; it cannot get more real, more Tunisian or more beautiful.

Watch out for: the authentic, local atmosphere on the beach

Address: Chaffar Beach, Sfax, Tunisia

Veiled woman on a beach| © Kat Sniffen/Flickr
Veiled woman on a beach| © Kat Sniffen/Flickr

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