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Top 5 Best African-American Chefs That Has Changed The Culinary World

Blacks who were known for slavery and serving the white in the kitchen, such stereotype does not exist anymore. All these things are history now and this amazing race is known for its world-changing fabulous jobs. It is a great deal to say that Blacks can cook and the Black food is just amazing. We have some of the amazing chefs in the culinary line who know how to dress the food and make some scrumptious and mouth-watering discoveries.

Here we present 5 of the best Black Chefs who have changed the Culinary World with their utmost food knowledge and intense hard work:

1. Jeff Henderson:

Jeff Henderson who is known for his amazing culinary journey is not an ordinary chef. His cooking skill came into the mainstream when he was serving a prison sentence for 10-years due to drug charges. Chef Jeff is known as one of the best businessman involved in the food world. He owns a publishing, catering and consulting company. Above all, he has hosted many TV shows, have written food related books and even got the chance to share his story with Oprah Winfrey.

2. B. Smith:

Barbara Smith who is known for her versatile cooking style and strict chef attitude says that what you do, do it with style. She started her culinary venture without any professional training and made a big cooking empire. She has appeared in various TV commercials and has done a lot of product endorsements. She is simply known as the celebrity chef of America.


3. Bryant Terry

Terry is more of a food activist as he is a chef. He summarizes in his Afro-Vegan cookbook that Black people love to eat soulful food. He also owns a web series by the name of Urban Organic where he discusses all about organic foods. He is a chef with professional education and did his training from Culinary Arts in New York.

4. Marvin Woods

Marvin is an Emmy Award nomination for two of his popular cookbooks, The New Low Country and Home Plate Cooking. He has also got the honor to be chosen as the first to start FLOTUS’ LET’S MOVE initiative that combats childhood obesity. His love is to travel and spread the love of right food.

5. Gerry Garvin

Gerry Garvin is a part author, half chef, half TV host and a very nice human being. He has tried his awesome cooking skills in top-notch hotels like Ritz-Carlton and many others just before opening his own amazing restaurant. He has hosted two super-popular TV series and his recent project “Road Trips” is also getting the same popularity. Gerry is a chef who loves to cook by heart and presents it well on his TV shows.



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