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Top 5 African Resources Wrongfully Exported and Earning Criminals Billions of Dollars

Africa is a continent of numerous important commodities, yet the general population of the nations inside it are known as some of the poorest.

Two late incidents of Sport Hunting and poaching has featured the way that numerous things are sent out outside of Africa while a large portion of the natives don’t receive the rewards of the benefits gained from the materials.

There are particular materials that are right now being wrongfully taken outside of Africa and sold for boatloads of money somewhere else.

How about we get illuminated about the top 5 African assets illegally exported and earning billions of dollars:


Trees out of Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana and Republic of Congo are earning $13 billion – outside of the continent.

Not only are the lands of the before mentioned being ravaged, the people of those countries are also drowning in poverty.


Elephant tusk…Reference


Poaching of objects such as elephant tusks and rhinoceros’ horns have long been discussed.

The United Nations Environment Programme and World Economic Forum state that between $7 billion and $23 billion worth of animal parts are being sold worldwide.

With most of the hunting occurring in South Africa and Tanzania, it is plain to see who is losing out on the money earned.

Working oil pumps silhouette against sun…Littlegate Publishing


Oil is already being drilled in certain countries within the continent. Nevertheless, illegal trading of oil is racking in close to $100 billion per year.

The high cost of profit is being attributed to illicit refineries, vandalization of pipelines and exploitation.

Libya, Nigeria and South Sudan are being hit the hardest.

South Coast rock lobster Palinurus Gilchrist…Two Oceans Aquarium


That tuna, lobster, shrimp or mackerel on your plate may have made its way to you from Africa.

Unfortunately, African fishermen are seeing very little of the $2.5-billion-dollar profit being garnered from outside fishery salesmen and women.

Stock photo


A report documents that cassiritite, a material used to produce tin is Africa’s largest illegally exported item by size.

An estimated 7,000 tons of cassiritite were taken from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2013. The appraised value was $29 million dollars.

Most minerals are taken from South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Tanzania.


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