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Top 5 African Countries Whose Women Undergo Skin Bleaching!! Nigeria tops with 77%!!


Nothing beats the natural beauty but unfortunately, a lot of people don’t feel comfortable in their own skin, hence the unending desire to bleach the skin. This has led to a rise in the trend among many people both young and old, all across the globe.

Bleached skins have formed a standard to judging beauty to an extent, which makes it even more pathetic.

Men and women bleach, so it’s not anything about gender, just that women seem to bleach more than the men.

In our clime, light-skinned people appear to get better attraction and quicker attention that their dark-skinned counterparts because people believe that their colour is pretty much attractive.

A lot of celebrities are also guilty of this crazy trend as they in their quest to melt the hearts of their fans, have resorted to bleaching their skins.

Africans are also referred to as blacks because a handful of them are dark-skinned, but a lot of people perceive the term ‘black’ to be derogatory, outdated, reductive and otherwise unrepresentative label.

Little wonder a lot of dark-skinned people have resorted to bleaching their skins to get out of the box of being labelled ‘black’.

Some have curled into their shells out of low self esteem that emanated from the colour of their skin and will gladly take up the option of bleaching their skin in order to boost their self confidence.

No thanks to the media for the over-glorification of light skinned people over the dark-skinned whose skin colour is the true representation of the African identity.

There are so many mischievous media advertisements which usually glorify lighter skin tone at no cost and this is one of the reasons people have found so much comfort in the act.

Often times, fair-skinned ladies are portrayed by the media as flawless, and a lot of people fall for the presentation without understanding that most times those pictures and videos are airbrushed to remove the flaws.

This has pushed a lot of people especially the female folks on a skin bleaching spree without giving a thought to the implications of their actions.


The World Health Organization has released statistics of countries that bleach and Nigeria has again topped the chart as the nation with the highest consumption of bleaching products.

According to the statistics recently published by WHO, 77% of Nigerian women bleach, followed by Togo with 59% while South Africa with 35%; and Mali at 25%.

There have been several cases of people being unable to recognize old time friends because of the palpable change in their skin coulours due to bleaching.

Sometimes, a lot of women embark on the process of bleaching their skins in order to look prettier and more attractive to the male folks who on their own parts, may not be making any effort to impress them in return.

Sadly, this fast rising trend doesn’t even appear to have any end in sight yet as the bleaching circle continues to get wider.

In fact, it has become a business boom for people who are in the business of bleaching items as estimates by Global Industry Analysts indicated that the market for skin bleachers exceeded N150 billion globally by 2015.

With so much served in their plates already, bleaching the skin should be the least thing in the minds of Nigerian youths, but that doesn’t in any way suggest that they should go about looking all haggard and unkempt.

What a lot of people have failed to understand is that most of the constituents of the bleaching creams are very harmful to the skin and most times, lead to skin problems such as cancer.

Some people in the process of bleaching, end up getting a burnt face, shrunken skin, and green veins all over the body which rather pushes them deeper into a different dimension of low self esteem which they were originally trying to conquer.

The earlier people understood that one can actually be black and very beautiful, the better for the society.

Be yourself, be original and say no to skin bleaching.


Written by How Africa

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  1. You can see them a mile away. It’s so artificial-looking, I wonder if they think no one notices they bleached their skin. They looked diseased. Still they do it because they’re rather be light-skinned and diseased-looking than be what/who they truly are. It’s pure ugliness.

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