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Top 5 Most Acclaimed African Countries By Global Investors, According to the Firm Havas

The five most attractive African countries to international investors are Ethiopia, Nigeria, Morocco, Ghana and Senegal, according to the latest study “Financing Africa’s growth in 2020: perception of international investors” realized by the firm Havas Horizons and Choiseul Institute for the period 2016-2020.

For this study, 55 international investors conduct business in Africa, including Bank of America, BNP Paribas, Edmond de Rothschild, Proparco, Qatar Bank National Rothschild Bank, Standard Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Attijariwafa Bank have surveyed.75% of these investors are optimistic about the economic prospects of Africa in 2016 while 91% are in the medium and long term by 2020.

This optimism these individuals display donors, foreign to the mainland, despite the slowdown of its economy due to falling oil and commodity prices is explained by the improvement of the business climate, the structuring of free trade areas the development of inter-African trade relations, demographic growth and the emergence of the middle class, the study said.

Ethiopia has topped the top 5 as popular with 52% of surveyed investors. The country has developed over the past decade, posting an average annual growth of over 8%, one of the highest rates on the continent. It is also investing heavily in infrastructure (energy, railways, roads etc.) and aims to become an industrial center of reference.

Nigeria ranks 2nd with 44% of respondents. Despite the many crises that it crosses (Boko Haram, falling oil prices, armed militants of the Niger Delta) giant west guard the confidence of investors, especially the enormous challenge of diversification of the economy wait. Nigeria has lost its position as the economic powerhouse of the continent and intends to leave his vis-à-vis oil dependence.

23% of investors surveyed intend, Morocco occupies the third place in this ranking. Boasting undeniable tourism assets, geographic proximity to Europe, quality of infrastructure, an economy driven by a manufacturing export-oriented and the proliferation of free trade agreements, major investments in solar and wind, the kingdom of Morocco does not leave indifferent investors.

Ghana is fourth with 21% of respondents intentions. Accra in addition to its political stability has launched major regional projects of roads and ports. It relies on its middle class, its agriculture, its construction, and infrastructure and aims to become a commercial interface between the Ivory Coast and Nigeria the two west African powers, the study of Havas.

The Senegal up the rear of the podium with 19% of the vote in the context of that survey. “Dakar benefits from the favorable effects of the gradual transformation of its economy through the development of financial sectors, telecommunications and new technologies, and diversification of the economy previously based on agriculture, the food industry and tourism” explains the study also highlights the political stability and the implementation of the Plan Senegal Emergent (PSE).

Alain Okpeitcha
Source: (Ecofin Agency)


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