Top 4 Weird African Cultural Practice Skill In Existence

Africa is home to over 1000 different tribes and rich cultures with practices that are both amazing as well as scary, while others are just plain bizarre . Luckily, the advent of formal education has helped in no small way to curb the increase of this bizarre and dangerous practices.Below is a list of africa’s most bizarre cultural practices. CAUTION: some of the pictures are gory in nature. viewers discretion is advised.

1. Female genital mutilation/female circumcision

This is the practice of cutting all or part of the external genitalia of a female. This practice occurs at various age in different cultures with some occurring during early childhood while others occurring during puberty or after the female starts having her menses while other cultures practice in during delivery of the first child of the victim. Notable countries that still practice female circumcision include Somalia (98%) Guinea (97%) Egypt (91%) Sierra Leone (90%) Mali (89%) Sudan (88%) Eritrea (83%) Gambia (76%) Burkina Faso (76%) Ethiopia (74%) Mauritania (69%) Liberia (66%) Guinea-Bissau (50%) etc


2. Puberty rites

Puberty rites otherwise called the rite of passage of a boy into manhood, or a girl into womanhood is an integral part of some African cultures and often a period of terror and suffering for the youth. Among the Kuria tribe of Kenya and the Dipo tribe of Ghana,this involves female circumcision while the boys are sometimes circumcised and put through a host of events including starvation and whipping in admission to adulthood.

3. Killing of deformed children

In some parts of Benin and Ghana deformed children are seen as ‘evil spirits’ and so the community only deems it fit to kill the evil child and purify the mother with the blood of the infant. This practice has been fought hard by the Ghanian government and has reduced significantly in recent years.

4. Human sacrifices

This should top the list as the most bizarre of cultural practices still in occurrence in the African continent.although drastically reduced now, this practice occurs especially after the death of a traditional rulers and involves the use of human sacrifices to appease the deities of the land. This practice has been reported in Tanzania, Uganda,Ghana and Nigeria although in varying intensity


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