Top 4 Themes that Are Commonly Used in the African Artwork

If you love decorating interiors and looking for artwork which can take the beauty of your interior to the next level then what could be the better option than African artwork. However, when you see African artwork, you will notice that several themes come up over and over again. These themes have their own meaning and significance in the African culture. Continue reading to know about few common themes and what they stand for.

Couple Images

The couple theme is commonly found in freestanding figures, paintings, wall arts and another forms of African artwork. The couple may be the representative of twins, ancestors, married couple or community founders. Most artwork of this type is created to honor the ancestors. In Africa artwork, the male and female figurines are the representation of strength and honor. So what’s better than buying an elegant piece to gift your partner?

The Mother and Child

The mother and child figurine often represents the Earth as mother and the residents as her child. Showing affection of a mother and child is the core part of the African culture. Various African artworks such as painting, sculptures and wooden artifacts depict the theme of motherly care that makes a perfect choice for baby shower and other auspicious occasions. The next time you get into a baby shower event, don’t forget to buy one for your mate!

Person with Weapon or Animal

The theme of a man with weapon or animal is widely used in the African artwork to show respect and affection to the ancestors. In African artwork, animals are rarely represented as just animals. They are mainly produced to show the status of an individual. Even today, owning a horse is a great status symbol than owning a vehicle in Africa. Most of the famous African painters and artisans represent animals in their artwork even today to represent the wealth and power of the owner. Since every home needs wealth and power, don’t you want to get one?

Abstract Forms

There are times when most of us come across an African art-piece that is hard to understand. Those irregular shapes may seem meaningless to most us but these abstract forms have always been appreciated by then sophisticated buyers. No matter where you find these art forms meaningless or meaning, it is always better to get hands on one to amplify the décor of your interiors in a way that is hard to ignore.

Where to look the Best African Art for Sale?

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