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Top 4 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted To Bald Men (#4 reason will thrill you)


There are millions of bald and balding men who find themselves caught in a trend that seemingly suggests that baldness is something to be “cured” and that women aren’t attracted to bald men.

Contrary to popular belief, women of all ages have been shifting their idea of what makes a man hot, and a lot of them will admit that being bald is sexy. In fact, here are four advantages of being bald, especially when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

1. Bald men tend to have more confidence

Bald men promote an aura of rugged masculinity and confidence. They are more free-spirited, appear to be sure of themselves, and ooze charisma. Most women would probably choose a bald man with self-confidence over a Fabio with self-esteem issues who clutters the medicine cabinet with beauty products.


2. Bald men can accept change

Any man who can accept that he has no hair rather than hide behind a horrible comb-over, cheap toupee or poorly placed plugs is definitely someone to be admired. Men who are adaptable, especially when it comes to being bald, are men that can accept the physical changes women go through also.

3. Bald men have higher testosterone

A common myth is that baldness is a sign of diminished virility and low testosterone. Fortunately, men who are bald have higher levels of testosterone then men with full heads of hair. In fact, researchers believe that the higher levels of testosterone in bald men are also linked to higher sex drives.

4. The lack of hair emphasizes their other assets

If a guy happens to be bald, then it forces women to take notice of other things about him instead i.e., his smile, the way he stands, his facial expressions, the way gestures when he talks, etc…


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