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Top 4 African Countries Suitable For Starting A Business in 2020

Without any doubts, Africa is gradually becoming the next big thing in the world when it comes to business. Therefore we’ve come up with the top four African countries suitable for starting a business.

4. Seychelles

The island nation of Seychelles has long been viewed as a hub for tourism. However, a recent shakeup from the current government has meant that The Seychelles currently has its eyes set on greater financial prominence with the African diaspora.

3. Botswana

Botswana Sanctuary Chief's Camp
Credited with being the least corrupt country in Africa, Botswana is currently shifting its focus from its diamond trade to its burgeoning financial sector. As institutions in Botswana are less corrupt and thus less susceptible to financial crime, Botswana is one of the smaller economies, which is working hard towards having a bigger role to play in and across Africa’ wider economy.

2. Rwanda

After years of civil war and strife, Rwanda’s turnaround has been of immense proportion. Since steadily focusing on building its economy, Rwanda, has managed to improve drastically its ease of doing business, while also providing an increase in the volume of lines of credit to businesses. Therefore creating favourable conditions and business environment for any organisation looking to Rwanda for its next business opportunity.

1. Mauritius

Mauritius is more than just a honeymoon destination island. With lax regulation and taxation, and strong trade links with India, China and the eastern coastal area of Africa, Mauritius’ story is of more than just tourism. In just three days an organisation able to set up a business and benefit from the island nation’s various trade partners. It’s easy and fast approach to incorporating and operating a business has led it to its prime position as No.1 of top African countries to do business.

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