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Top 3 Vital Mistakes Made By Christians In Dating. This is why you remain single!

Christians, avoid these mistakes in dating and find love!

Many Christians complain about not being able to meet a worthy match in life. They pray and pray, but the man (or the woman) of their dreams fails to show up. These mistakes might be the ones to blame for your loneliness.

Christians in dating

Christian dates: 3 major mistakes to avoid

1. Over and over again

Doesn’t it seem to you, you step on the same rakes all the time? You might be picking the same type of guys (girls) again and again. You are looking for someone really special but instead, get through the same dating routine and frustration. It means you pick the same type of people to date.

You need to break down the pattern. How do you do it? For one, try to go against your emotions. Feeling attracted to someone? He might be just another bad guy for you. Try to look around and notice the men you previously left out of your attention. Give them a chance to win you over. Start dating a person even if you do not feel so into them for the time being.

And, get some help. When we get stuck in the relationship patterns, we have something in our past to lead us there. You need someone to take a look at your life and tell you what past incident drives you in this direction. It could be your family or your childhood trauma. Just get some help.



2. Falling in love

One preacher said that falling in love is not a good idea. In real life, people grow in love and fall into pits. Maybe that’s the reason why you pick your partners so foolishly. Stop being guided by those butterflies in your stomach.

Do not follow just your emotions. Turn on your brain and use it! Honestly, look at the person you are about to start dating and do not let yourself close eyes on his faults. They are real!

Christian dating

3. Staying closed

When people see a sing: closed, they do not want to enter. Maybe such a sign is found in your life and face? Become for friendly and start socializing more. Be somewhere where people can see you. Jesus said that the lit candle has to be placed up high for everyone to see it. Be that candle! Go and sing in a band at church or do things for others to notice you!

If you can spot any of these mistakes in your Christian life and dating, you can stop being single and find that significant other!


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