Top 20 Secrets Every Woman Keep From Her Man

You never can tell the secret she is keeping
You never can tell the secret she is keeping
There are things that we often take for granted from the women folks; but in reality, we are the ones not getting the true picture of them!

Granted, that woman you shares your bed with may actually love you from the bottom of her heart but sometimes, and surprisingly enough, it may be a bit farther from the truth, and yes, to be sincere, she is in love with someone else but may not be bold or financially buoyant enough to come out open, so she just keep on managing you and faking your full trust and confidence in her!

Please take note however that I’m not ruling out the very possibilities of living with a woman who loves you just the way you are and for what you are. Good enough, I’m married, probably just like you but there are definitely some funny things that men do not know about the women we call our own.

To start with, as a man, we know some things about our wives the biggest of which is ‘that we love them’ and that is the most important thing for them and they know this as well.

But there are however lot of things you don’t know about about them even as your wife or still yet to be.  A woman may give you her body and heart and will tell you everything that you need to know about her, but there are some parts that she will never let out-not necessarily for being too secretive with the intentions of harming you, No!. but these are just pieces woven into her fiber as the  famine fellow.

Indeed, those are some mysterious things about them that shouldn’t pose much headaches for the man, if it is understood clearly and allowed to be what it is, that ‘woman’ that she is.

There are some things about the women that you will never find no matter how far you dig; but how do I managed to know? you may ask. Well, you may not know and don’t necessarily have to bother yourself about that. (laughs) Just come along with me as we sample some of the hidden knowledge about the women which I believes would be highly interesting and revealing.

Here are some secrets that a woman may never reveal to her man:

1. A woman may be happy to have you around as her husband but would prefer it if you goes to work and make her miss your presence.


2. She is the best person to share your top secrets with but none of them is ever safe with her. But still, she remains your confidant.

Your secret is never safe with her | Photo by NBC

3. She admires you more than you ever thinks of. Mere looking at your hands at times could make her want to be touched.

4. If she had lived a wayward life in the past and had slept with good number of men, the highest she would ever admit to have slept with even in your deepest heart-heart discussion will not exceed three at most four. But any number she gave you, multiply it by 3.

5. She is always fantasizing being with you more than she say it out. She just pretends.

6. Whenever you leaves home for a day or more she sleeps with your shirt because it smells like you.

7. When you are very new into the relationship, she loses appetite and becomes satisfied by merely thinking about you.

8. She appears to be highly coordinated on the surface, but her true organization is revealed in her makeup bag or her desk in the office, men take note.

9. She still thinks about her Ex and compares them with you but do you know one thing? You wins most of the times!

10. She will never want you to view her as the reason why you go late to functions but she is actually the culprit because whenever she tells you to give her 5 minutes, just be prepared to spend extra 20 or more.

11. She had cried more than you know of it because of your making as her man.

12. She prefers your calls than text messages or email if you doubt this, and especially if its during your courtship, you may end up in her figurative trash can together with your messages.

13. She want to hear you speak and talk little dirty to her hearing.

14. She looks at your Butt whenever you are leaving for work and and secretly smiles to her self on what she’s got

15. At the beginning of your relationship, she observes, analyzes, and judges your every actions more than you do to her.

16. She loves it when you get a bit jealous and that’s why she appears to be flirting with your friends, but in reality, she is actually doing every bit of it with you through him.

18. Sometimes in order to force emotion out of you, she starts a fight which would eventually make you to say something that calms her naves. So any time she puts up a strange fight, just don’t play that quiet man of a sort but take just enough time to reassure her of your concerns for her.

19. Do not allow her to split or pay the bill on your first date otherwise she would think that you are sheep. Be ware!

20. Even while together with your best friend, she fantasizes about him just for being your friend.


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