Top 20 Richest People in Kenya And Their Net Worth

Kenya is currently said to be the largest economy in the East Africa, with a gross domestic product of about US$45.31 billion. No doubt, for this to be said about this African country, there must be some big players in the country’s economy who would be contributing extensively to keep the country in the lime light. In this analysis, we hereby present to you the top 20 richest people in Kenya and their net worth.

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20. Jane Wanjiru Michuki Net Worth | $60 Million USD

She is a Kenyan Lawyer, Businesswoman and Investor. Jane Wanjiru is the managing partner at Kimani & Michuki Advocates, a corporate law firm based in Nairobi with vast clients all over the the country. Her estimated net worth is US$60 million.

Mrs. Wanjiru is one of the most influential and respect female figure in Kenya and it is not surprising that she is so successful to become one of the richest person in Kenya.

19 Baloobhai Patel Net Worth | $67.5 Million SD

A businessman combined as entrepreneur and philanthropist in Kenya. Patel is the owner of Transworld Safari Limited.

He also has minority stakes in a number of publicly listed companies at the Nairobi Security Exchange (NSE). At a point in time, he was said to be the wealthiest Kenyan citizen. His net worth is (approx. US$27.5 million)

18-Pradeep Paunrana Net Worth | $80 Million USD

Born in 1959 and educated in Kenyan schools. He also attended New York University stern school of Business where he graduated in 1983 with the degree of MBA. He spent two years with a software company in New York where he earns US$40,000 annually and returned to Kenya in late 1984 and teamed up with his father in his business which later become known as ARM Cement Limited, listed on the Nairobi Security Exchange (NSE).

ARM Cement chief executive Pradeep Paunrana | Photo credit:

Over the years, the company has grown to be the largest manufacturer of cement in East Africa, with a turn over of  2.6 million tonnes annually. Pradeep Paunrana, personally owns 18% of the company shares, making him one of the wealthiest individuals in Kenya with net worth of over (US$87 million)

17. Duncan Ndegwa Net Worth | $85 Million USD

He was the Kenya’s first Head of Civil Service and also the first African governor of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). He is indeed a great man in Kenya whose net worth run into millions of dollars.

Duncan Ndegwa. photo credit: The

He studied at Alliance High School, Makerere University and St Andrews University, Scotland where he studied Economics and History.

16. Vimal Shah Net Worth | $87 Million USD

Vimal Shal was born in Muranga, Kenya in 1970,  he is the founder of Bidco Africa, a company that manufactures oil, detergents, soaps, margarine and baking powder.

Vimal Shah | Photo credit:

He has manufacturing factories in Mozambique, Madagascar and Ethiopia in addition to existing operations in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. Vimal Shal is a heavy weight in Kenyan’s list of richest people, everything about him speaks volume.


15. Bharat Thakrar Net Worth | $90 Million USD

Founder and CEO of Scangroup, East Africa’s largest marketing services, he is the largest share holder in the company. He is valued to be US$$90 million in net worth.

Scangroup CEO Bharat Thakrar | Photo credit:

Scangroup Limited was incorporated in Kenya as a private limited liability company on 26 January 1999 under the name Media Initiative East Africa Limited.

14. Nicholas Biwott Net Worth | $100 Million USD

A politically strongman in the history of Kenya. He owns vast investments in abroad and in Kenya collectively. As a teenager and young man, Biwott worked alongside his father and together they were market traders in Eldoret an associate of Yaya center, an upmarket shopping center in Hurlingham.

Nicholas Biwott

He is also a force to be reckoned with on land acquisition with property valued at millions of dollars. His net worth is  stated

13. Mama Ngina Kenyatta Net Worth | $110 Million USD

Let it not surprise you that the mother of Kenya’s president is showing on the list. Her being on the ruling class and how she made her wealth as the wife of Kenya’s first president is not really our major concerns here. But if you still care to know, then it would interest you to know that her husband, Jomo Keyatta acquired hundreds of thousands of hectares across various regions in Kenya back in the days.

Mama Ngina Keyatta. picture credit:

Today, Mama Ngina K. holds over 200,000 hectares in trust for her family. In some of the places she has holdings, such as in the Naiorobi’s suburbs where land goes up $2 million per hectare, is also worthy of note. She together with her children own several stakes in Kenya’s successful companies. Her net worth is US$110 million.

12. Prof. Joseph Wanjui Net Worth | $125 Million USD

Described by many as ‘a most accomplished individual.’ He is a professional engineer and a businessman/investor whose personality touches all who come in close contact with him positively. He is to the Kenyans, the man of the moment and a person to feel at home with anywhere he is, a chancellor in the university of Naiorobi.

UoN C hancellor, Prof. Joseph Wanjui. photo credit:

His vast wealth is another topic of interest but for the sake of our focus here, he is a man to be reckon with the richest ones in Kenya. Though his net worth is not known as at the moment, but he is not one to be left out of the list based on how he is viewed by his own people, the Kenyans.

11. Dr. Titus Naikuni Net Worth | $140 Million USD

Titus Naikuni is the new chairman of Airtel Kenya, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel. He is the man behind the success stories of Africa’s leading airline, Kenya Airways.

Dr. Titus Naikuni, photo credits: www.hoteland

There’s in fact some more to write about this hardworking man because success in any given field of endeavor begets success stories.


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