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Top 20 Most Valuable Players Under 21 Revealed

Who is the most valuable player under the age of 21?

We are close to seeing the first £100m player and, a new study by Soccerex using a Football Value Index by sports marketing company Prime Time Sport, reveals the 20 players who are closest to costing the landmark fee.

Kylian Mbappe is one of the most talked about players in the world of football right now and has been mooted as a possible £135 million transfer target for several clubs. But the Frenchman isn’t even the most valuable youngster in the sport.

There’s never been as big a disparity between how much a player is valued at and how much they would actually get sold for as there is right now, the transfer market has gone utterly wild this summer.

That’s not to say there isn’t the odd bargain around, AC Milan paid ‘just’ £35 million for Leonardo Bonucci, on the best centre-backs on the planet, from rivals Juventus and Liverpool are on the verge of signing Andrew Robertson for a steal of a deal at £10 million.


According to Soccerex, this Football Value Index is used by football clubs and the sport industry ‘to obtain an independent and accurate valuation of football players.’

Alli and Marcus Rashford are the only English players on the list with the Manchester United striker’s value doubling from last year after another season in the Premier League.

The likes of Alli, Rashford and Mbappe aren’t surprising additions to the list but the likes of Frank Kessie, Patrik Schick and Andreas Christensen might surprise some.

Things have changed a lot on this year’s list compared to 2016 with 11 of the men on the list being new entries, including Mbappe and Marco Asensio in the top five and Alli up from fourth to take spot this season.

Soccerex decided the value based on, both personal attributes and pitch performance, using player’s current personal information and the performances of both current season and the previous one.”


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