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Top 20 Black Celebrity Couples Celebrating Years Of Strong ‘Black Love’!!

Nowadays it seems like marriage between two people is taken lightly. People get married one day and within a couple of months they are filing for divorce. It is great to see some Black couples who have been married for many years, or who have just built a friendship that has been lasting forever. Here are 20 couples who are great role models for the younger generations to come.

President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama

1. Former President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama: They are still growing strong with 21-years of marriage. Both the Obamas make it no secret how they feel about one another.

Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith

2. Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith: A beautiful 17-years of marriage. No matter how many times the media announces trouble brewing, Will & Jada keeps right on loving one another and proving everyone wrong.


3. Jayz & Beyoncé Carter: Wow! It doesn’t seem like 14 years and counting for these guys, but it’s true.


4. Samuel L. Jackson & Latanya Richardson Jackson: Nothing like finding that true love in college and sticking with them for 27 years and counting.


5. Spike & Tonya Lewis Lee: Another respected Black couple that has been in love for 23 years and counting.


6. Rev. Run & Justine Simmons: Beautiful Couple who is still growing strong. It is 22 years and counting for these guys.

Duane & Tisha Cambell Martin

7. Duane & Tisha Cambell Martin: Another Black favorite couple who has made it together for 19-years and counting.

Al Roker & Deborah Roberts

8. Al Roker & Deborah Roberts: Alright now, we see you Al & Deborah-20 years and counting.


9. Magic & Cookie Johnson: Everyone has always loved the Johnsons together. Wow! 24-years and still together.



10. Denzel & Pauletta Washington: One of everyone’s favorite couples has been together for a total of 32 years.


11. Swiss Beats & Alicia Keys: Very cute couple and they have been together now for an official 5-years and counting. Keep going strong guys!


12. Boris & Nicole Ari Parker Kodjoe: Now this is one good-looking color, such a great match. They have 10-years under their belt together.


13. Jennifer Hudson & David Otunga: Wow, where does the time go? 7 years and counting for JHud and hubby!


14. Smokey Robinson & Frances Glandney: 11-years together and looking happier than ever.


15. Bill & Camille Cosby: Wow! 50-years of marriage.


16. Omar & Keisha Epps: 9 years official and counting. That’s why we like to see, couples still in love and growing strong.


17. Steve & Marjorie Harvey: 7 years official and counting


18. Forrest & Keisha Whitaker: 20 years and counting


19. Oprah & Stedman: 19 years and counting. Oprah and Stedman, yes they definitely make the couples list.


20. Mary J. Blige & Kendu Isaacs: Friendship, love and a bond that is everlasting.


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