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Top 20 Billionaires Have A Combined Net Worth Of $938.4 Billion

A record 2,043 billionaires made Forbes’ 31st annual ranking of the world’s billionaires, as featured in Forbes magazine.

Bill Gates remains in the top spot for the fourth year in a row. Gates has a fortune of 86 billion dollars, up from 75 billion dollars last year. Warren Buffett comes in second after a two year hiatus with a worth 75.6 billion dollars, up from 60.8 billion dollars last year.  The biggest gainer on the 2017 list is Jeff Bezos, whose fortune increased by 27.6 billion dollars for a total net worth of 72.8 billion dollars. This is Bezos’ first time in the top three. Spanish clothing retailer Amancio Ortega drops to No. 4, despite his net worth increasing to 71.3 billion dollars. Rounding out the top five is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, worth 56 billion dollars.

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Others in the top 10 are Carlos Slim and family, Larry Ellison, Charles Koch, David Koch and Michael Bloomberg.




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