Top 15 Must See Attractions In London

London is truly one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in the United Kingdom. It’s a city with rich and unique history with preserved and amazing British culture. With several historical landmarks and exciting activities, London offers a great combination of stunning attractions. London is one of the famous and most expensive cities in the world, known for  luxurious shopping malls and hotels.

Tourist mostly flock into this city because of the top department stores such as Harrods’s, House of Fraser, Fortnum and mason, Liberty, John Lewis, Selfridge etc. The shopping experience in London is unparalleled, but the city of London holds a lot that goes beyond shopping. Here are top 15 must see attractions in London – stunning places to visit when you are in the city, London fascinates visitors with pleasure of life, from beautiful places to vibrant nightlife. London is a place to be!

1. A visit to the Museum of London


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The sight of this building is a stunning beauty to behold, a famous landmark and an architectural masterpiece. This building holds a lot of British history), filled with legendary exhibitions showing London in the early 19th century. If you are a fan of history and you want to know more about the British Empire, the London museum is a must visit.

2. Visit the National Gallery

National Gallery, London

There is a saying that goes thus , “A picture is more than a thousand words”. The same goes for the National gallery. This gallery is by the Trafalagar square, it’s one of the unique popular attractions where art is at its finest. Collections in the gallery are from famous artist like Guernica Picasso, Michael Angelo etc. This gallery is very educational with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

3. Visit the London Museum of Transport


This Museum holds fascinating secrets that will blow one’s mind. This museum portrays all that there is to transport (Its collection is all about transport and networks). This building is located in the convent Garden. It shows all the facts about transport/road networks that serve its populace (Londoners). The transport system and growth (all maps are seen here; plane, train, automobile, waterways) can be found in this great museum.

4. Visit the Royal Botanical Garden (Kew Garden)


The glass like dome shape of this botanical Garden looks like a transparent train terminal. It’s a safe haven for exquisite plants and flowers. This garden has a historic palm house and a charming tree top which gives tourist an experience like never before. It’s a sanctuary of bliss, safe and calm.

5. Buckingham Palace


If you are visiting London for the very first time, this palace is a must see. First of all it’s the Official dwelling place of the Queen of England. The construction of this place dates as far back as the 19th century. In counting, it has about 774 rooms and hold’s thousands of guest each year for great events. Hanging on every wall of this royal palace are beautiful works of arts.

6. Visit the Kensington Palace


This palace was once home to the late princess Diana of Wales, but now the residence of the new Duke and Duchess of Cornwall (Royal Family). The palace estate provides avenues to learn about her Majesty the Queen and her monarch’s beautiful exhibitions. Visitors can go on a tea break around the corner, at the orangery Café, royalty speaks at every point in this palace.

7. Visit the Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, London

A lot of tourists misconstrue this fascinating site for the London Bridge, the tower bridge is entirely different from it. This bridge is Gothic by design and it has a beautiful feature that lifts and divides the bridge into two to ease traffic on the water ways. The new upgraded glass walkway for pedestrian creates more room for viewers on the bridge. A walk on the glass pedestrian is priceless.

8. Visit the Big Ben

Big Ben, Westminster


The Big Ben is also known as the Elizabeth tower. It’s one of the most popular land marks in London metropolis. It’s recorded as the second largest clocks in the world. It’s over 150years old. This elevated piece of art brings a lot of joy to Londoner’s, because it’s still standing tall after all the chaos of the world war 2. It’s fun to listen to the chiming of the bell on every hour.

9. Take a ride in the London Eye

london Eye

It’s a very gigantic ferry wheel, located on the south bank of the River Thames. It was completed in the first few months in the beginning of the 2000s, that’s why it bears the name the millennium wheel, Standing tall, at 443feet with a diameter of 120meters.  A complete wheel turn takes about 30minutes, the capsules provides viewers with a stunning 360° view of London. It’s recorded as the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, its a beauty at night and comes in bright neon colours. Tourists are entertained with a glass of royal champagne as they enjoy a sweet ride.

10. Visit the St Paul Cathedral


This famous Structure was built in the early 17th century; it’s one of Europe’s largest cathedrals.  The cathedral is beautifully designed with Corinthians columns and a large dome. The dome stretches 366feet high, weighing 66,000 tons. There are 560steps alongside 3galleries that leads one to the top of the dome. This church is massive, and portrays ancient architecture and paintings.

11. Visit the Trafalgar square

Trafalgar square

This square is considered one of the biggest in London. This is also known as the chasing cross. This square is named after the battle of Trafalgar, a victory over the  French fleet by Lord Nelson. The four corners of this square stands 3 plinths (King George the 5th, James Napier and King Charles the 1st). At the  North-East part of the square is the St Martin Parish Church, it’s one of British finest.

12. Spend a day at the Hyde Park


This Park is known for its greenery, open spaces and numerous monuments. This park was opened to the public as far back as 1637. It’s the largest of all royal parks in London. Bordered to this park is the serpentine (man made) Lake, located at the south end of the park. This lake flows to other parks and land marks. Popularly known for boating and swimming, mostly by the royal bloods. South west to the serpentine lake is memorial fountain for the late princess of Wales (Diana), at the south end to the park is the Rotten row, by the north is the Marble Arch a famous gate way to the Buckingham palace.

13. 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin)

The Gherkin

The lovely 41storey sky scrapper, also known as the Gherkin . It’s one of the modern structures in London metropolitan, built in the year 2004 with steel and glass. This building is located in the heart of London finance center, famous for its cigar shape design. The topmost floor of the Gherkin is an open hall with a conical dome. I guess a view from its peak will be priceless; unfortunately this building is not open to the public. Although it’s not opened for the public but its exterior view is priceless.

14. Visit the famous Shard building

the-shard-tower-bridge -London-landscape

The shard is London’s tallest sky scrapper, with an outstanding 72storey building. This building is situated in the Southwark by London Bridge; it stands out from any other building in London metropolis with 1016feet tall. The topmost floor of this building has a panoramic view that is beautiful to be true. From across the river at night tourist can get a different view of the Shard, it glows with beauty.

15. Take a walk across the millennium bridge

millennium bridge

This is a pedestrian bridge build across the river Thames, in the beginning of the millennium. The name of the bridge was derived from the time of its construction. This pedestrian bridge stretches a total of 1066feet. It links two famous London land marks, the Tate Gallery and the St Paul cathedral. From the bridge one can see arrays of sites and land mark, no wonder its call the blade of light.

I guess after this you will see London through a different light, not just malls and shopping complexes. The city of London is a hive of ancient and modern art and structure. Visited any of these destinations? Share your experience with us in the comment below:


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