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Top 12 Of The Most Accidental Deaths of Celebrities!!

Yes, these celebrities all died of accidental deaths. It is so tragic because they were geniuses in their fields ….

1.Whitney Houston

It’s still the drug that hit … Whitney died of an overdose!


2.Steve Irwin

The animal lover was planted in the chest by a hook. He was in the middle of the jungle, he died emptied of his blood!


3.River Phoenix

River Phoenix is ​​the brother of Joacquim Phoenix, he made 24 films including Stand By Me. He died at 23 years of drug overdose …


4.Michael Hutchence

The cause of his death is not certain. The lawyer thinks that he committed suicide with alcohol and antidepressants at the autopsy but the family says it was Paula Yates’s fault that would have pushed him to the limit. But the latter reportedly reported that he died because of a self-correcting game that would have gone wrong.


5.Lisa Robin Kelly

Kelly also dies from a mix of drugs and alcohol …


6.Jimi Hendrix

Jimi accidentally killed himself by choking in his own vomit after an overdose!



7.Heath Ledger

Heath mixed two drugs oxycodone and hydrocodone, two drugs that can not be mixed together normally!


8.Cory Monteith

Cory died because of a mixture of heroin and alcohol!


9.David Carradine

The actor who played Bill in Kill Bill and other films (100 films) was choked by making erotic games based on asphyxia … He is found dead, naked in his hotel room!


10.Brandon Lee

He was killed during a scene in a movie, in which he receives a real ball instead of a blank … A really stupid death!


11.Bon Scott

Good would have choked in his vomit, while he was asleep … It’s very hard to know what happened to him … but presumably, it’s because of alcohol!


12.Anton Yelchin

He choked in his car!




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