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Top 12 Countries Embracing Capital Punishment – Two African countries make the top 10

Capital punishment is the act of putting to death of an offender, who has been sentenced to death after they have been convicted by a court of law. This is as a result of a criminal offense that they have committed.

It has alternative titles such as; the death penalty or execution.  It is should not be likened to extrajudicial killing because these ones are carried out without following the due process of the law.

Countries Embracing Capital Punishment

Position Country
1. Iran
2. Pakistan
3. Saudi Arabi-a
4. United States of America
5. China
6. Yemen
7. North Korea
8. Indonesia
9. Bangladesh
10. Egypt
11. Iraq
12. Somalia

Countries embracing capital punishment engage in it as a deterrent mechanism, so as to ward off prospective criminals from engaging in criminal activities that are punishable through capital punishments. Capital punishment traces its origin in the bible where proponents of Christianity and Judaism claim to find justification for the death penalty in the Bible in Genesis 9:6, “whoever sheds man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed.”

Capital punishment embracing countries

This kind of punishment was carried out to persons who had committed offenses such as murder, treason, and espionage. In Islamic law, the Quran condones and prescribes capital punishment. It recommends execution for fixed crimes (hadd). These include; adultery, robbery and apostasy. Take note that murder is not punishable by death, this is because they treat murder as a civil wrong and thus it is punishable by the law of retaliation. Whereby, the victim’s relatives decide whether the criminal is to be put to death or will pay a form of compensation to make good for his crime.

Take note that murder is not punishable by death, this is because they treat murder as a civil wrong and thus it is punishable by the law of retaliation. Whereby, the victim’s relatives decide whether the criminal is to be put to death or will pay a form of compensation to make good for his crime.

Capital punishment practicing countries engage in the following acts which are considered to amount to capital punishment; hanging, beheading, firing squad, lethal injection, and electrocution.


Iran tops the list of countries which practice capital punishment. Research says that it is the country with the second-highest number of executions in the entire world.

The death penalty is meted out to persons who commit offenses such as murder, rape, drug trafficking, armed robbery and even homosexuality. The amusing this is that there is no discretion or consideration given as to the age of offenders. The minors and the old are all treated alike when it comes to enforcement of the death penalty for a crime committed.


Pakistan also forms part of capital punishment practicing countries. It continues to carry out the death penalty on thousands of convicted offenders despite the moratorium enforced in 2008, by the Pakistan People’s Party which sets out to prevent the government from executing criminals.

3.Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is notorious for capital punishment. Statistics say that among many countries which embrace death penalty in the world, Saudi Arabia is among the top five executors. It carries out capital punishment to penalize drug traffickers, murderers and even persons who engage in sexual offenses and witchcraft.

This punishment is usually based on Islamic (Sharia) law. It is carried out through public execution, where the criminal is beheaded by use of a sword.

4.The United States of America

The United States continues to top the list of countries which practice capital punishment. Statistics say that it is among the countries with the highest number of executions with each passing year. At the moment, out of the 50 states in the U.S, 34 of them still carry out capital punishment on its criminal offenders.


China is the famed for being the country with the most executions carried out on its soil, than any other country in the world. This makes it top the list of countries which practice capital punishment.

It carries out regular executions of thousands of offenders every year, although its government is reluctant to give a definite number of executions carried out, sources say the numbers range from hundreds to thousands.

These executions are carried out on persons who commit offenses such as drug trafficking, murder, and treason.



Coutries that which embrace capital purnishment

Yemen is a prolific user of the death penalty. This has earned it a position on the long list of capital punishment practicing countries. It engages in capital punishment in a bid to punish persons convicted of the offense of murder, apostasy, adulterous persons, and persons engaging in homosexuality.

Yemen just like Saudi Arabia carries out public executions by way of use of a firing squad, which consists of twelve or more shooters who aim at the offender’s chest and shoot to kill. If the person fails to die, the commander of the firing squad shoots the offender on the head so as to kill him/ her instantly. Yemen also allows stoning and beheading as a way of punishing this criminal.

7.North Korea

North Korea is a prominent user of the death penalty. It allows for the execution of persons who have engaged in drug-related offenses, prostitution, murder, terrorism, and treason.

It carries out public executions on convicted offenders.


Indonesia is on the list as well. This is because it enforces the death penalty on persons who commit crimes such as drug trafficking, murder as well as terrorism.

And just like some other countries embracing capital punishment, it carries out public executions by deploying a firing squad. This firing squad aims at the offender and shoots at them with the intention of killing them instantly.

This country is yet to abolish capital punishment even though it is said not to have carried out a single execution since the year 2008.


one of capital punishment embracing countries

In Somalia, capital punishment is considered legal. They embrace capital punishment to the fullest. The death penalty is the severest of all forms of punishment for crimes. It is reserved for persons who have committed capital offenses such as sabotage, mutiny, and treason.

Murder is not considered a capital offense. This is because according to Islamic law, murder is a civil wrong which is only punishable in a way which is decided by the victim’s relatives. They could opt for putting to death of the offender or payment of a form of compensation which befits their standards.

By virtue of Somalia being one of the capital punishment practicing countries in the world, it carries out its capital punishments by deploying military firing squads. Whose aim is to shoot to kill instantly?



Among countries which practice capital punishment, Egypt adds on to the long list. For a long time, Egypt has been using the death penalty to punish criminals who have committed crimes such as murder, terrorism, rape and drug related crimes. The death penalty receives backing by Egyptian law for such kinds of offenses.


Iraq too falls under the category of countries which practice capital punishment. According to a recent report made by Amnesty International, Iraq has the third-highest number of executions world over as it still carries out the death penalty.

It carries out capital punishment for offenses such as treason and drug-related offenses.


Bangladesh also falls among the category of countries embracing capital punishment. This is because it allows for the death penalty to be carried out upon the person who commits offenses such as murder, human trafficking, and drug-related offenses. Among capital punishment practicing countries, Bangladesh has made the death sentence mandatory for the crimes above mentioned. The mode of execution carried out in this country is public executions by hanging off the offender. The offender may also be executed in jail, still by way of hanging.



Despite the public outcry by human rights activists who propound that it is only God who gives life and He alone has the right to take it. The campaigns to have a capital punishment-free world seem to have hit the snag as most countries seem to embrace capital punishment. These countries embracing capital punishment view it as a way to deter prospective criminals from engaging in crimes that would warrant them the death penalty.


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