Top 11 Hottest Weather Reporters in the World

Which part of the news do you love watching? If you are thinking along the lines of breaking news, top stories, or the latest headlines, then you must have understood the question wrong. Which part, regardless of what is happening in the country or anywhere in the world, do you always look forward to watching? If you are now thinking about the weather report, then you understand the question.

All news channels have regular weather updates, and most channels hire professional weather reporters who not only know everything about the weather, but who will make you look forward to the weather segment because of how beautiful they are.

Some of the female weather reporters we have today are so hot they could win a beauty pageant without straining. The best thing about these drop dead gorgeous women is that all of them are a special blend of beauty and brains, because not just anyone can give a proper weather report without the relevant meteorological and journalism-related education.

Think about this for a while; if there’s nothing unusual going on, no hurricanes, floods, heat waves or earthquakes, the weather report can be quite boring, right? The truth is that such days are so many, and if the weather reporter you like tuning in to looks anything close to the few listed here below, the weather news will always be a highlight.

Here are 11 of the hottest weather reporters in the world today. Can you think of any others?

11. Molly Rosenblatt



Molly Rosenblatt was born in 1989 in Minnesota, and her beauty was evident throughout her years growing up. Molly went to the University of Minnesota where she graduated with a Journalism degree, and went to Mississippi State University where she graduated from its meteorological program. Molly is unquestionably one of the hottest weather reporters in present day, currently working as a Meteorologist and Traffic Anchor at WOFL Fox 35. Molly is also one of the most popular reporters owing to her on-screen performance in movies such as The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), The Mechanic (2011), and The Last Day of Joseph Goebbels (2009). Thanks to her beauty and exceptional reporting skills, Molly is undoubtedly the reporter to watch.

10. Evelyn Taft