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Top 100 “Africans of Tomorrow”: A Mauritanian & An Algerian Appear in the Top 10 for First Time

In African countries, the emancipation of women has become daily news. Women who, by their will, knew how to go about having a preponderant place in society. Every day that God created, the woman succeeds in forging a name, showing each time what she is capable of.

We see women taking up positions of responsibility at all levels, a way to show that their place is in society and not just at home. An African woman who has legitimate ambitions and who competes with man in many areas of daily life and in almost all sectors of activity, economic, political, social … etc.

This is the case of the director general of the Mauritanian bank, Leïla Bouamatou. A woman in the true sense of the word who is now among the personalities on which Africa can count for an economic transformation. According to a report prepared and published by “Choiseul 100 Africa 2018”, this woman occupies one of the top ten places out of the 100 nominated African personalities. She would indeed be in 9th place in this “Top 100” of the most prominent women.


Young doctor in business administration, graduated from the Temple “University of Pennsylvania” in the US, she would be 35 years old today. In another register, the Algerian Sahbi Othmani, who is director of the bank “NCA-Rouiba”, now 40 years old, and who for eight years running the institution, is listed on the stock market to the rank of leader African in its category before 2020.

This report draws on the skills of young African leaders, ranging in age from 35 to 40 years old. Young people who can play a leading role in the economic development of the African continent. It must be emphasized that the criteria on which the European institute is based are three (03), either “To be of African nationality or belonging to the 54 African countries”, “To be under 40” and finally “To have a contribution active in the economic development of Africa.


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