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Top 10 Weird Fashion Accessories You’ve Never Seen Before

Fashion defines who you are! Over the years, fashion has evolved and has curbed its own space in the world. Be it men or women, everyone wants to be in vogue. However, sometimes we may pick up something that is unconventional. The edge to which one can adapt to unconventional fashion also depends on his/her character. Example, the well-known Lady Gaga, the American singer sets her own fashion statement and people follow her though it seems a little eccentric. Others say doesn’t matter as nobody has the right to judge what another man adores and abhors. At the same time, tattooing one’s eyes, t-shirts printed with un-parliamentary slogans or wearing dead-animal-look-alike scarfs can be stated as an eerie look.

Fashion is all about portraying who you are and what your inner self echoes and it is those that give you your identity and keep you in your comfort zone. It is unique to each part of the world and in a way the choice of dressing relates to your culture. Some breaks the traditional barrier and takes one’s idea of fashion to a different level which may not be digestible to the rest of the society they live in. However continue following your heart, heed not to what others may think or say because at the end of the day, you are who you wish to be.

The following are 10 weird fashion accessories that may look bizarrely odd:


  1. Eye jewelry

Contact lens is designed to help increase people’s vision but some customize it and makes it their fashion statement. Eric Klarenbeek, a stylist hailing from Netherland designed a collection of jewellery for the eye letting his imagination go wild. One such creation of his was the teardrop jewellery. It acts just like the regular contact lens, with an extremely light weighted jewellery as an extension. Though this piece of ornament looks scary and superfluous, this fashion has made people to expand and question their fashion views and the ways to blink.


  1. Alive around the neck

Every lady likes her necklace, but this particular one would shake the animal rights activists for its peculiarity. This piece that resembles a cage like structure was designed to accommodate a live mouse giving it just enough space to move to and fro.


  1. The Denture Bracelet

A good set of teeth gives you a beautifully radiant smile. Artificial teeth were meant to aid in chewing and was more of a need than an accessory. But people have overcome this standardization and brought it into the world of fashion. This set of teeth has been designed as a bracelet or a necklace. Do not freak or be dismayed if you notice someone wearing such an accessory!


  1. Mexican Elf Boots

Deriving inspiration from the German mythological creatures, these supernatural beings through literature and cinema got publicized for their unique characteristics and distinctive dressing customs. The elf boots are imagined to be a cozy long slender pointy shoes and these have started finding its way to the human feet as well. Started as a fashion line in a rural town in Mexico, these may be one of the most popular yet weird fashion accessories.


  1. Denim flip-flops

The next time your pair of jeans gets worn out or you outgrow them; let your imagination and creativity take its own course. Never let the love for jeans fade away. That could be the reason how these denims started finding place in people’s feet. Customized to the size of one’s foot, these can be sewn into a pair of flip-flops or sandals. Like it or not, it looks comfortable and distinctive on your legs. With a pair of shorts, these could go really well and you could possible set a trend among your social circle.



  1. Beyonce’s Infamous Diva Sunglasses

Sunglasses, designed to protect the eyes and can also be looked at as a fashion accessory are popular among the masses. But some have taken it to the next level overwhelming the commoner’s fashion appetite. Such is the case with Beyonce’s infamous sunglasses.

A view through these may be hazy, with metal fringes attached to a metallic frame that acts as the holder for those numerous dangling chains.

Definitely not recommended for those with prescription lenses!


  1. Meggins

The gentleman’s leggings are the next in our list of weird fashion styles. Wondering how uncomfortable these can be? We share the same dilemma. Worn at a themed party by the original designers, it caught the eyes of a few who felt it to be appealing. Available in a variety of colors and stitched according to the demands of the wearer, ‘meggins’ have started finding their path to the fashion minded, but are still unacceptable to the masses.


  1. The Numberlla

The all cover umbrella can be strapped on to your shoulders thus removing the established requirement of holding an umbrella with your hand. As funny as it looks, it saves your head and shoulders from the snow and the rain. As it doesn’t have any corner edges, it saves the fellow pedestrian from the fear of getting poked. Another advantage is that it will not fly away nor get twisted when the strong wind blows. Also, this keeps both your hands available.


  1. The Bird-Claw Pendant

These weird disturbing set of pendants designed in the shape of a bird claw are next to hit the list of top weird fashion accessories. As creepy as it looks, they tend to give out the dark gothic feel in an otherwise feminine outlook. They are cast out from real bird’s claws giving it a more genuine look. These spine-chilling yet cool pair of pendants, brands a forward-looking fashion assertion.


  1. Flylashes

Some say ‘eyes are the reflection of your soul and your beauty’. Long eyelashes have always been a positive fashion statement making your eyes stand out thereby portraying the absolute beauty of it. But imagine attaching insect legs onto your eyes. Ghastly and bizarre idea but something instigated stylist Jessica Harrison to use dead fly’s legs as fashionable eye lashes! These crooked and distorted legs are attached onto the eye are supposedly intended to appear like beautiful eyelashes.



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