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Top 10 Universities in Africa

A new university ranking compiled by Thomson Reuters has listed the top 10 tertiary institutions on the African continent, lead by South Africa’s University of Cape Town.

The ranking looks specifically at university reputation, which reflects a university’s ability to recruit high-quality staff and students, establish valuable international partnerships, and connect with greater funding prospects.

The group determined its ranking by analysing all its reputation survey results to date (2010-2014), which contain more than 1.5 million individual data points and have recorded 65,000 responses, covering 6,500 of the world’s leading universities across 105 disciplines.

Africa’s Leading Universities was determined over the five-year period by survey respondents specifically living in Africa.

The ranking is dominated by South African universities, with the University of Cape Town as the clear regional leader in academic reputation.

UCT has consistently topped global university rankings for South Africa, with the exception of one, the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR), which was claimed by the University of the Witwatersrand.

Based on its global ranking, the regional reputation of Egypt’s Cairo University is significantly lower than expected, Thompson Reuters said.

“This may be a reflection of its geographical location to the Middle East,” the group said.


The University of Cape Town is also the only university on the continent to crack the top 200, according to the data, ranking 160th overall.

Cairo University, Wits and TUKS all made it into the top 500.

Top Universities in Africa

Local # Global # University Country
1 160 University of Cape Town South Africa
2 366 University of Witwatersrand South Africa
3 438 Stellenbosch University South Africa
4 366 University of Pretoria South Africa
5 638 University of KwaZulu Natal South Africa
6 608 University of Johannesburg South Africa
7 285 Cairo University Egypt
8 655 Ain Shams University Egypt
9 731 Makerere University Uganda
10 664 University of Ghana Ghana

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  1. Nigeria shame on you. Xenophobia country is on the list of top Ten University. Non from our country is on the list, what are you producing half baked graduate. Their is God o

  2. It is so appalling that a whole giant of Africa we couldnt make it in top 10 universities in Africa. All the same I am not surprised because even those our brothers who schooled in the world best universities came home fostering frustrations on the people here instead of good lessons. Corruption, nepotism and negativism instead of encouraging talents, diligence and hard work. It’s good we know so as to rethink and establish common sense of direction.

  3. I m South African or shall I say Xenophobian as branded due to stupid action by some of my hommies. Anyway, all those top universities are founded and ran by whites. I once visited few universities founded and ran by blacks before they were merged with other prominent white universities and i was extremely disappointed. If the university is dirty outside you will not want to know whats happening inside. Doctors and Proffessors would not want to see themselves in such disgraceful looking enviroment. To shame the few it is University of Venda, Northwest University (Mafikeng campus): this two are worse than Yabatech in Nigeria and University of Limpopo (both Turfloop campus and Medunsa campus). Africa needs real leaders. And African leaders must stop looking only in the interest of their families. We need visionaries and selfless leaders. My conclusion is that there no top 10 South African university. South Africans don’t be proud because they are European.

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