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Top 10 Tinder Tips For Kenyan Men

Tinder is perhaps one of the best inventions after the wonder bra.

Using GPS to sleep with strangers? Brilliant don’t you think?

Online dating is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, Tinder has made it much more easier in the sense that all you have to do is download the app and use your Facebook log in details then swipe right if you like the person and left if you don’t. Once you swipe right and that person swipes right on your profile too, there’s an instant match and you can send each other direct messages. Not bad at all especially if you’re looking to spice up your life a little bit.

Online dating is pretty tricky, given the fact that you’re judging whether or not you like the 27 year old  Tyra Banks  look alike by how she looks, her grammar and the little piece of narcissistic-trying-too-hard  “about me” info that she hopes will woo you into swiping right.

Well if you’re a Tinder junkie, here are a few tips into getting matches and actually retaining them!

Up your emoji game

Yes folks, the wrong emoji can cost you what could have been a very wonderful night of debauchery in a new city.


Image: TheNextWeb.Com


Spell Check

It’s not your beautiful, it’s you’re beautiful. Punctuation friends; Punctuation! And while we’re still on this, if your phone is the kind that auto corrects words like puppies to titties, you might want to read the text again before hitting send.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube


Don’t make sex too obvious

If you’re the kind of guy on Tinder solely for sex, you got to have some Magic Mike skills to actually not get unmatched.


Image: TalePicker



What’s up with putting 5 photos of you and your bunch of friends? How exactly do you expect what could have been a potential match to guess which one among the four of you is actually Chris? Oh is Chris the one with the beard? Hmm perhaps it’s the short one or the one with a tribal tattoo on his arm. You might as well just delete your Tinder!

tinder 3


Catchy Bio

Nobody cares if you went to Harvard and scored a GPA of 4.0 yada yada. This is Tinder, not a convention of TED talk junkies. Keep your bio short and captivating. Mystery is sexy.

Image: FreedomForce

Image: FreedomForce


Stupid pick-up lines

“Hey, how do you like your eggs in the morning?” Cmon! We all know that the answer to this is definitely unfertilized!!!! Just DON’T!

Image: Netflix

Image: Netflix


Revealing too much too soon

News flash, err no one wants to go on a date with an ex-con!

Image: TellYouAll

Image: TellYouAll


Start a conversation with a compliment

“Your eyebrow game is *thumbs up emoji*”

Image: TheSexySingleMommy

Image: TheSexySingleMommy


Being a nag

If you already sent the safe “Hi” text and there’s no response, just un-match and move on to other people who actually want to converse with you. Do yourself that favor.

Image: Netflix

Image: Netflix


Conversation Starter

Your conversation starter determines your success on Tinder. If your conversation starter is a question on sex, religion, weight or that story you tell everyone about how you battled with a drug addiction then your success on Tinder is hanging on a thread. Keep it safe till you get to know the person better.


Image: BlackCityGirl

Image: BlackCityGirl


Remember, if Tinder doesn’t work out, you can always tweet your heart out!


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