Top 10 Things To Do and See in Hammamet

Soaking up the sun, savoring every Mediterranean morsel and partying between the bars are all popular activities in Hammamet, dubbed the St Tropez of Tunisia. But the area, one of North Africa’s most luxurious, has plenty more to do than perhaps what meets the eye. Our handy guide tells you exactly how to spend your time, from paddling in the azure ocean to snorkeling, and from zooming down theme park rides to learning about the region’s religions.

Citrus Golf Course, Hammamet
Citrus Golf Course © Golf World Resorts

1.Citrus Golf Course

Rated Number 1 for Outdoor Activities in Hammamet, the course is also the proud recipient of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence. An attractive area, it’s always well-maintained and clean. Allowing you to play 18 holes, it’s the ideal location for a golfer to unwind, whether you’re a novice or at Tiger Woods’ level. After the golf itself, refuel with a delicious Tunisian lunch, all of which is all-inclusive and noticeably fresh. Plus, the second time you attend, you get 50% off – and yes, you will have reason to utilize this offer, because it’s that good!

Address: Golf Citrus – B.P. 132, Hammamet 8050, Tunisia

Best for: Learning how to be an excellent golfer, then putting these skills into practice!


2.Hammamet Beach

Frankly, you can’t come to Hammamet and not immerse yourself in the delights of its beach. Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself a sun-lover, you’re bound to be converted after a day or two in these dunes. The crystal-clear Mediterranean sea is perfectly complemented by rolling golden sands, an area of extreme natural beauty. Although it’s mostly unspoiled by commercialism, it’s a given that you’ll encounter plenty of sellers of local produce like fruit, but they’re actually quite charming and play a fundamental role in Tunisian culture. And unlike some beaches, it’s definitely not boring. Sure, you can sunbathe til your heart’s content, but you can also camel ride, jet ski, play volleyball, hire a boat or canoe, and even parachute!

Address: Hammamet, Tunisia

Best for: Making the most of a whole range of activities

Kasbah, Hammamet
Kasbah ©


A traditionally quaint Arabic fort, Kasbah impressively dates back to the 13th century. It’s not the best preserved, but this simply adds to its authentic nature. One of Tunisia’s predominant historical landmarks, Kasbah is well worth a visit as it definitely contrasts with any mass commercialism you may elsewhere encounter. Surround yourself in the local culture while retaining respect for its history, and you’re bound to find you learn a lot.

Address: Port Hammamet, Tunisia

Best for: Going back to historical roots

4.Friguia Park

Arguably the best nature tour in Hammamet, Friguia Park is an unbeatable opportunity to surround yourself in the wildlife that to which Africa is proud to be home. You might want to remember that early morning is the optimum time to go, as it can get very hot walking around all day. It offers a hands-on experience and is a great size for a zoo – not so big that you can’t cover all grounds, but not so small that you’ll get bored. Friguia also hosts specifically themed nights, such as Zulu evenings, really showcasing the best of Hammamet’s cultures. Lately, some zoos have been under public scrutiny, but here the animals are clearly well cared-for.

Address: G.P.1 Route de Sousse | Entre Bouficha et Chgarnia, Hammamet, Tunisia

Best for: Befriending the animals!

Yasmine Dive Centre
Yasmine Dive Centre ©

5.Yasmine Dive Center

The Center enjoys a positive name throughout Hammamet. With the town being located ocean-side, it’s the optimum place to enjoy what the natural sea has to offer –and everything’s available at Yasmine Dive Center. You can scuba dive, snorkel, tour via boat, and enjoy other water sports. The team ease any nerves you may have and encourage you to make the best of what really is an invaluable, rare experience. Plus, the equipment is already assembled, easing the process for beginners.

Address: Port Yasmine Hammamet, Hammamet 8050, Tunisia

Best for: Learning new skills

6.George Sebastian Villa

Within Hammamet’s Yasmine district, this villa is a theater, architectural building, concert venue, and ancient Tunisian landmark all in one. It depicts culture in a peaceful, uncluttered fashion. Quite a well-kept secret, it’s even been described as a “haven of tranquility” and houses close connections to historical figures Rommel and Churchill. And if you’re thirsty under the North African sun, you might even be lucky enough to get fresh lemonade from home-grown lemons courtesy of your guide, all of whom are friendly and knowledgeable.

Address: Hammamet, Tunisia

Best for: A cultural afternoon

Carthageland © Cruising Excursions


Hammamet’s top theme park can’t avoid a place in the top ten things to do here. Definitely not short of fun activities for the kids, it actually allows whole families to unleash their inner child. The right balance between fast rides for adrenaline junkies and calmer ones that won’t scare toddlers, it’s even got a water park and is reasonably priced considering how much there is to do.

Address: Ruze de la Médina, Hammamet, Tunisia

Watch out for: The rush of the thrill

8.Yasmine Marina

You can’t come to Hammamet and not happen to find yourself within Yasmine Marina. Very central to the area, the main promenade has enough bars and restaurants for you to never experience thirst or hunger again. The place prides itself on its undeniable sense of safety, plus the shopping is relaxing and peaceful compared to hagglers at more traditional markets. A lovely embodiment of Tunisia.

Address: Port Yasmine Hammamet, Hammamet 8050, Tunisia

Best for: Experiencing the embodiment of Hammamet

Musee de Religions
Musee de Religions © Trip Advisor

9.Musee des Religions

When you travel, it always pays to be able to come back with a newfound education about where you’ve visited. Musee des Religions allows this to become a reality for Hammamet tourists. A fascinating museum, it brings to life Tunisia’s rich heritage. Show respect to new cultures and religions, and you won’t come away disappointed. The architecture and long-lasting items on display are genuinely breathtaking.

Address: Hotel Diar Lemdina, Hammamet, Tunisia

Best for: Honing your knowledge about religious practices


Neapolis is a similarly recommendable point of interest, bringing you the best of Hammamet’s cultures. Sometimes, it can be hard to find adequate information on Roman Africa, but this place does the job to perfection. Founded by the Phoenicians, Neapolis translates to “New City” – yet its historical nature remains preserved. Learn primarily about the role it played in trade.

Address: Route touristic, Hammamet, Tunisia

Source: Culturetrip


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