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Top 10 Principles for Success -Billionaire, Elon Musk

Elon musk is known to be the Billionaire who founded such successful companies as Paypal, Space x and Tesla. For Musk things were always not as rosy as there are now.

A great work ethic, unmovable principles tenacity and a “never giving up attitude” has got him where he is today. What has made him this successful. Look at 10 of his principles for success by Evan Carmichael.

1. Never Give Up

Even when it seems it is fruitless to keep going, believe in yourself and have faith that it will work out.

2. Really Like What You Do

To be successful, you have to love what you do. it must be fun for you otherwise you burn yourself out.

3. Don’t Listen to the #LittleMan

Do not listen to the naysayers and dream killers, at least give it go and be happy you tried.

4. Take a Risk

Take risk as early as possible, do something bold, because once you get a family it gets harder to do so.

5. Do Something Important

If something is important to you and humanity, go ahead give it a try because it is worth it.


6. Focus on Signal over Noise

Spend money on things that make the product better than spending money on talking up a product not different from others.

7. Look for Problem Solvers

Look for problem solvers, people that have faced a problem and have devised a solution to it themselves.

8. Attract Great People

look for people that are amazing and believe and focused to working as a group.

9. Have a Great Product

Work on building a great product people will love and be better than everyone else, way better!

10. Work Super Hard

Work more than your competitors, work super hard, might mean sleeping less.



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