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Top 10 Richest Women in the World (Africa’s Billionaires missing out)



Money is the ultimate desire of the human race– the  only thing everyone works & lives for. Monetary success is the eventual goal & the extreme destination. Richest include the people from both gender; though the lists are greatly dominated by the males but females are also there to show themselves up. Out of the total number of 1645 billionaires  172 are women; that makes 10% of the lists but their representation can’t be denied . Not exactly, but somewhere around two-third i.e. 1080 among the total billionaires have made their fortunes on their own; without getting any advantage by their families or being supported by their family’s wealth. The United States is leading the lists with 492 billionaires, followed by china, owning  152 & ending with Russia which has not less than 111. Anyway, here is thelist of top 10 richest women in the world 2014 as per Forbes rankings:


Rank Person Age Worth
(Billion USD)
Income Source Country
1  Christy Walton  55  36.7  First Solar shares  United States
2  Liliane Bettencourt  91  34.5  L’Oreal Cosmetics  France
3 Alice Walton  64  34.3  Wal-Mart  United States
4 Jacqueline Badger Mars  47-48  20  Mars(Candy company)  United states
5 Gina Rinehart  60  17.7  Iron & Coal (mining)  Australia
6 Susanne Klatten  52  17.4  Automaker BMW (D/o Johanna Quandt)  Germany
7 Abigail Johnson  52  17.3 Fidelity Financial services  United States
8  Anne Cox chambers  94  15.5  Cox Enterprises  United States
9 Laurene Powell Jobs 50 14  Disney  United States
10 Johanna Quandt 87 12.8 Automaker     BMW Germany



  • Net worth : $ 12.8 billion
  • Wealth source: Automaker BMW
  • Country: Germany

Johanna-Quandt- top ten richest women in the world 2014

Wife turned secretary of late Hebert Quandt,  saved the automaker giant from bankruptcy. She is currently rated as 14th in the list of richest women among Germans & 100th richest woman in the world. She is also been known for her generous charities & donations in supporting child cancer institutes. Her daughter Susanne klatten & son Stefan Quandt are also having the shares of the automaker and are successfully running their businesses; Susanne is also making the lists even better than her mother does!


  • Net worth: $14 billion
  • Wealth source:  The Walt Disney Company
  • Country: USA


Laurene Powell Jobs- top ten richest women in the world 2014

The widow of Steve Jobs owns 7-8% of the total Stake of the Disney. She is notably known for her philanthropic work in Education, environmental conservation & social Justice.  With combining the wealth/shares of Disney & Apple i.e. 130-140 million & 5.5 million respectively her net worth reaches to creeps up 14 billion. And therefore she is ranked as the 9th richest woman in the world in the 2014 ranking list.


  • Net Worth: 15.5 billion
  • Wealth Source: Cox Enterprises
  • Country: United States


Anne Cox Chambers-top ten richest women in the world 2014

Anne is the Daughter of the Former American Presidential Nominee & newspaper owner;  also been known for her ambassadorship to Belgium in the reign of President Jimmy Carter. Cox Enterprises is a media giant which holds television, radio, cable networks and other similar businesses. The total wealth statistics given by Forbes in 2014 are as much as15.5 billion. The owner of Cox Enterprises is greatly admired on account of her charity works to empower education & art, heritage, history etc.


  • Net Worth: $17.3 billion
  • Wealth Source: Fidelity Financial Services
  • Country: USA

Abigail Johnson- top ten richest women in the world 2014


Abigail is running a family owned business being set by her grandfather & father, She completed her MBA from the Harvard Business school  afterwards she joined her family business in 1988, after being supervising the company at various senior posts. She was eventually given the president ship in 2012. The rapidly growing company has advanced 17 billion & thus making her one of the world’s top ten richest women.


  • Net worth: $17.4 billion
  • Wealth Source: BMW automaker
  • Country: Germany

Susanne Klatten-top ten richest women in the world 2014

Unanimously the richest in Germany—Susanne is the daughter of Johanna Quandt (No.10 in list). The business lady had studied finance, business & advertising before stepping in the inherited business. The lady owns about half (50%) of the automaker. Altana, a Pharmaceutical & chemical Project is also supervised & run with her business expertise; she owns more than 50% of the company. Other Investments include SGL (nearly 10%) & 25% in Nordex (A wind Turbine manufacturing company).


  • Net Worth: 17.7 billion
  • Income Source: Mining (Coal & Iron)
  • Country: Australia

Gina Rinehart-top ten richest women in the world 2014

Rinehart is undoubtedly the richest woman in Australia. Currently she is the executive of her family business; she is also having the largest stake in Fairfax Media & a reasonable chain of shares in Ten Network Holdings. BRW (Business Review Weekly) declared her as the 4th richest woman in the world last year.


  • Net worth: $ 20 billion
  • Income source: Mars (The largest candy brand in the world)
  • Country: USA

 Jacqueline Badger Mars- top ten richest women in the world 2014

Like most of the richest women Jacqueline has also inherited business of her late father & grand father. The heiress to the largest candy brand of America owns more than$ 20 billion cumulative worth. Mars produces both human & non-human consumption products which include chocolates, foods, drinks, different chewing gums & candies. . Forbes included the Mars in the list of the 15th richest American brands & Badger as the third richest American woman.


  • Net worth: $ 34.3 billion
  • Wealth Source: Wal-Mart stores
  • Country: USA

Alice Walton-top ten richest women in the world 2014

Alice is just behind her sister-in-law Christy who is making number 1 in the list. In 2012 Alice was declared as the second richest American woman (next to Christy) & the 10th richest American.  Alice is known as a very sharp & qualified economist & finance expert.  The heiress is recognized & respected all over the America for her philanthropic work & Charity donations. Her work for Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport is one of her great social work initiatives, which led her to the Arkansas Aviation Hall of Fame.  Her other notable works include the different charities led by her to promote education & art Under Walton Family Foundation in Arkansas region & all over America.

2. Liliane Bettencourt

  • Net worth: $34.5 billion
  • Wealth source: L’Oreal Cosmetics
  • Country: France

Liliane Bettencourt-top ten richest women in the world 2014

The L’Oreal Heiress is ranked 2nd after being beaten by Christy Walton but she still is the 2nd richest woman in the world in 2014 with the cumulative worth of 34.5 billion as calculated by the Forbes. The 2nd richest at the age of 91 is the oldest richest woman too. Liliane is considered as an eager social worker & Philanthropist in addition to her business work.


  • Net worth: 36.7 billion
  • Wealth Source: First Solar Shares
  • Country: USA

Christy Walton- top ten richest women in the world 2014

Christy Walton with $36.7 billion has once again reclaimed her position as the richest woman in the world after being consecutively ranked for the four out of five last rankings. Christy is currently listed as the 6th richest American & 9th richest overall in the world with her $36.7 billion fortune. The nearly 50% of The First Solar stake & shares at Wal-mart have made her the richest woman in the world for the last eight years except the one in which French heiress Liliane Bettencourt became the richest—not to mention that greatly the money was inherited this time also; which is truly what we call fate!!!


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