Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Mauritius

If you need to take a vacation to any cool spot in the world, then your next destination should be Mauritius. Mauritius is an island in the southwestern Indian Ocean, with a lot of endless beaches, warm winds, blue skies, swaying palm trees, and interesting people to relate with everywhere. There are scores of reasons why you may want to visit Mauritius, some of them are listed below:

1. The island is multi-cultural


Mauritius is made up of a mix of Indian, African, Asian, and European peoples – and its cultures and charms are derived from this diversity of people. There are also influx of people from the Netherlands, Madagascar, France, Indonesia, England, and the Far East. The convergence of these many people has evolved into an island of diversity where the spirit of tolerance is not wanting. Catholic churches are located close to Hindu temples; and a combination of English, Creole, Cantonese, and Samosas are spoken everywhere.

2. Beaches with their own peculiarities


Mauritius may not be very large for a country, but its spectacular beaches speak for it. Almost all the beaches have their own peculiarities, and here you can either go snorkeling, surfing, diving, for photo-sessions, or just boating to relax your nerves. All the beaches on the island are public, so you are free to go from one beach to the other all day long. There you have the Blue Bay beach, Trou aux Biches beach, Mount Choisy beach, and Flic-en-Flac beach.

3. Historic landmarks


Mauritius has a rich past history and any visitor to the island is free to explore this past. You can visit the Eureka House, a Creole mansion which was converted into a museum, and gives the complete view of a sugar plantation of the 1800s. In Port Louis, you can see the skeleton of a prehistoric dodo in the natural history museum. You can also know much about the art and history of the island at the Blue Penny Museum where you see a large collection of stamps. And don’t forget to check out Aapravasi Ghat, a UNESCO world heritage site.

4. Natural wonders


If you ever want to see plunging waterfalls, the Seven Coloured Earths, and rainforest-clad gorges, then the island of Mauritius is the place to be. At Chamarel, you will see the Mars-like landscape of multi-coloured sands that do not mix with other sands or wash away from its place. Meanwhile, it is possible to see the interior parts of this island, where volcanic activities must have taken place in the tropical island million of years ago.

5. Shopping at the local markets



Most shops in Port Louis, the capital of the island, are duty-free; and here you can buy almost anything from handmade textiles to locally-grown tea or any other thing without any hassles. If you happen to visit the Central Market in Port Louis, you will be able to buy a large variety of fresh farm produce among other fresh seafood. You can even do a tour of the local markets in the company of a hotel chef if you care to, and you can sure get a good bargain for whatever you buy in the markets.

6. Sugar industry


It might interest you to know that sugar production has been Mauritius’s main industry for centuries. Ripe fields of sugar farms stretch out on every side of the island, and the famous Mamelles peaks tower over a particular sugar cane plantation. Although only a handful of functional sugar mills remains in Mauritius, you can learn more about this at L’Aventure du Sucre in Pamplemousses.

7. Spas and warm baths


The Nira Spa at Shanti Maurice is frequently voted as one of the best in the world, and a place to visit to enjoy quality spa sessions. You can also check out the Seven Colours spa on the island, it has become a spa synonymous with the brand of the island; and several other hotels in the island have spa facilities that even western nations would be envious of. You stand to enjoy regular spa sessions that are seasoned with treatments incorporating local ingredients like vanilla, sugar, and coconut among others.

8. Rum and cuisines


If you find sugar in abundance anywhere, then you are bound to find rum. Mauritius is known for quality rum anywhere on the island, and the Rhumerie de Chamarel is a facility to visit for a distillery tour and an excuse to taste a quality rum. And then, the food on the island is never something to be passed up if anyone can help it. The local cuisine keeps you asking for more, and a local dish of curry, a stir-fried wild boar with a combination of local tea will impart you with a new lease of life. Tamarind-spiced pineapple and rotis or lobster dish might be something else to consider again.

9. Botanical gardens


Have you ever heard of the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens? Well, it is also known as Pamplemousses Botanic Gardens. It is the oldest botanical gardens in the southern hemisphere and is famous for its giant water lilies.

10. Natural wildlife


You may not have known it, but Mauritius is one of the best places where you can see abundant wildlife in their natural habitats. There are also a number of nature reserves in Mauritius, and here you get to see Nile crocodiles, giant tortoises, lions, and the rare pink pigeon among others. You might also want to see dolphins in the wild if you’d care to take a boat trip to Tamarin Bay.


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