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Top 10 Popular African Olympic Gold Medalists!! Ethiopians dominate…

Africa has lots of untapped talent, especially in sports.  However, despite this situation, African athletes have broken and set world records in several games.  African Olympic Gold medalists have put the continent’s name on the world map.

Top Ten Popular African Olympic Gold Medalists

Africa has lots of untapped talent, especially in sports.  However, despite this situation, African athletes have broken and set world records in several games.  African Olympic Gold medalists have put the continent’s name on the world map.

Gold Medalist Country
1. Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia
2. Tirunesh Dibaba Ethiopia
3. Kipchoge Keino Kenya
4. Hicham El Geurrouj Morocco
5. Meseret Defar Ethiopia
6. Derartu Lulu Ethiopia
7. Miruts Yifter Ethiopia
8. Abebe Bikila Ethiopia
9. Kirsty Coventry Zimbabwe
10. Penny Heyns South Africa

The article below reviews some of African Olympic Gold medalists.  Surprisingly most of the medallists are from Ethiopia.  They have achieved a lot in the careers than the current Olympians such as David Rudisha and others in the Olympics.

1.Kenenisa Bekele

Kenenisa Bekele is an Ethiopian long-distance runner, and he is currently the world record and Olympic record holder in both the 5,000 meter and 10,000-metre events. He bagged Gold in these events at the 2008 Summer Olympics, and he also won the 2004 Olympic title over 10,000 m.

He is the most adept athlete runner in the history of the IAAF World Cross Country Championships.  He is considered one of the greatest distance runners and African Olympic Gold medalists of all time, holding numerous world records and an array of medals. He won the 10,000 m title at the World Championships in Athletics in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009

2.Tirunesh Dibaba

Tirunesh Dibaba or known as the Baby Faced Destroyer is an Ethiopian long-distance runner and currently, holds the outdoor 5000 meters world record. She is the current World champion. She has won in total eight world track titles which include three Olympic Gold medals and five World Championship Gold medals.  She also holds five world cross country titles.

3.Kipchoge Keino

Kipchoge Hezekiah Keino is a former Kenyan track and field athlete. He currently chairs the Kenyan Olympic Committee.  He has been an Olympic gold medalist twice and was among the first middle and long distance athletes to come from Kenya and has inspired several Kenyan runners to become the athletics force the country is today. He a premier inductee of the International Association of Athletics Federations Hall Of Fame in 2012

4.Hicham El Geurrouj

Hicham El Guerrouj is a former Moroccan middle-distance runner. He currently holds the world record holder in the 1500 meters and the outdoor 2000 meters events. He is one of the greatest middle-distance runner of all time and one of the Most Popular African Gold Mentalists having won two Olympic gold medals.  El Guerrouj holds seven of the ten fastest times run in the mile. He became a member of the IAAF Hall of Fame in 2004.

5.Meseret Defar

Meseret Defar Tola is an Ethiopian long-distance runner who competes primarily in the 3000 meters and 5000 meters events. She has dominated international competitions including Olympic and World Championship gold medals in 5000 meters races. She became the world record holder in the event in 2006, broke it in 2007 and held it until 2008.

Defar had the indoor records for the 5000 meters, 3000 meters, and the two-mile run. She has won four consecutive gold medals at the IAAF World Indoor Championships from 2004 to 2010.


6.Derartu Lulu

African Olympic Gold medalists

The Ethiopian long-distance runner participated in track, cross country running, and road running up to the marathon distance. Derartu Tulu is the first Ethiopian woman and became the first black African woman to win an Olympic gold medal.

She won the 10,000 m event at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 making her one of the Most Popular African Gold Mentalists. In 1993 and 1994 she was out with a knee injury.  However, she returned to compete in the 1995 IAAF World Cross Country Championships and won gold. She lost out to Fernanda Ribeiro in the same year and won silver at the World Championships 10,000.

7.Miruts Yifter

Miruts Yifter nicknamed Yifter the Shifter is a former Ethiopian athlete. At the 1980 Summer Olympics, he bagged two gold medals. There is some controversy regarding his age which is sometimes reported as 15 May 1944. The athlete continued to compete into the early 1980s and ran with the nation’s team that won gold at the 1982 and 1983 IAAF World Cross Country Championships.

8.Abebe Bikila

Abebe Bikila is a former Ethiopian athlete.  He won the Olympic marathon champion two times. He ran barefoot at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome and won the marathon, setting a world record. At the Summer Olympics in 1964 held in Tokyo, he became the first person to defend an Olympic marathon title successfully and broke the world record he set.

He was a pioneer in long-distance running. He took part in sixteen marathons, winning twelve.  He finished fifth in the Boston Marathon of 1963. He suffered the first of several sports-related leg injuries in 1967. These injuries prevented him from finishing his last two marathons.

9.Kirsty Coventry

The former Zimbabwean swimmer and world record holder Kirsty Coventry was born in Harare. She attended the Auburn University in Alabama, in the United States where she actively competed in swimming competitions. At the Summer Olympics held in Athens, Greece in 2004, she won three Olympic medals: gold, silver, and bronze.

At the Summer Olympics which were held in Beijing in 2008, she won four medals: gold and three silver. President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has called her a golden girl and awarded her US$100,000 in cash for her sterling performance in the 2008 Olympics.

10.Penny Heyns

Most Popular African Gold Mentalists

Penelope Heyns is renowned for making history as the only woman in the Olympic Games to win both the 100 m and 200 m breaststroke events.  She won the events at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

The former South African swimmer became the nation’s premier post-apartheid Olympic gold medallist after South Africa’s re-admission to the Games in 1992. Heyns is considered one of the greatest breaststroke swimmers and one of the Top Olympic Gold Mentalists in Africa.  At the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, she was the youngest member of the South African Olympic team.


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