Top 10 Nightlife Cities Of The World

It’s been a long time since people followed traditional standards without criticizing them such as “the early bird catches the warmth”. People are different now and they are able to treat themselves with a bit of night out mood and how the places change with flashing lights while the rest of the world is in bed. Slowly but surely, people are looking for a night to lose away from their beds. All over the world, this seems to be a new phenomenon so it’s time to see which at the top ten nightlife cities in the world.

10. Auckland (New Zealand)

With a great variety of bars, clubs, theaters, pubs and a life that is always on the edge, Auckland is the perfect place for people who have an old body but a young heart. Just as soon as the sun sets, it is possible to see how the city changes to a more unwind environment to entertain and allure people who want to let their hair down for a while.

9. Dublin (Ireland)

This lively city is always full of travellers and it’s no wonder why they get to Dublin. The city has a great variety of pubs where not only local people but also students and tourists can be found drinking and having a laugh just like the Irish do. If you are looking for a city to spend your next weekend trip in, the Dublin is where you have to go to if you want to have the time of your life.

8. Miami (United States)

Miami is world famous not only for its beaches but also for the lively nightlife it has. This means that the city is perfect for celebrities as well as normal people who want to go to the trendiest clubs, bars and restaurants that offer a sure-fire way of having a wonderful time. Great atmosphere, enticing music and amazing nightlife are some of the reasons why Miami is one of the top ten nightlife cities in the world.

7. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

World famous for its fashionable discos, stimulating restaurants and staggering drinking houses, Buenos Aires seems to sleep only a few hours a day. Tourists know Buenos Aires as the  “late night city” where there are people of all walks of life to enjoy a night out and to remind tourists that everyone can have fun.

6. Ibiza (Spain)

Everybody knows that Ibiza is the wildest city in the world and that it is a must-see place if you like partying. Ibiza is the center of entertainment in Europe where tourists of different ages and with different tastes get to have the most unforgettable time of their lives. Some of the nightclubs have the typical style of the 70s but you will still be able to see teens, celebrities, rich and not so wealthy people.


5. Thessaloniki (Greece)

If you only go for a walk in the city you will note why Thessaloniki is the place to go for an active nightlife. Going to the city will be a memorable experience for tourists since it is very popular because it offers great entertainment with a Greek twist. Remember that if you go to the city, you won’t regret going to the bouzoukia, which are clubs were live music is played.

4. Montreal (Canada)

In contrast to other cities, Montreal is the perfect nightlife spot because it gives you everything Vegas has with the difference that you won’t have to spend a fortune on it. Montreal has such a great and lively nightlife with a laid-back environment and the most fashionable discos that it is not difficult to see lots of stag parties. Apart from that, you will have the opportunity to see well-known celebrities dancing to the beat of the music.

3. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Make sure you have a beer at the moment of going out in Rio de Janeiro because that will allow you to have some fun until the sun rises. Nightlife in this city is out of this world since it offers not only fancy restaurants and alluring pubs but also great traditions and friendly people. It is really common that attractive women chat men up so don’t get nervous if a girl comes up to you. However, nightlife is only a part of what you can experience in Rio because there are also beaches full of water related activities.

2. Belgrade (Serbia)

No matter how old you are, how much money you have or the kind of lifestyle you lead, Belgrade is the city to go to if you want to forget about the daily stresses of your life. You will note that every night will be different in the city and that’s exactly what has made this city so popular. Remember to tell your friends to go to Belgrade for the ultimate night out.

1. Las Vegas (Unite States)

It doesn’t matter if you are having fun with a new group of friends or if you are with your couple or even on a strip show, the exoticism of the things you can do in Vegas is second to none. Most people know the city as the one wild party because it offers constant entertainment and memorable landmarks that will make you note how much there is to the world. Remember that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


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