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Top 10 Most Prosperous Countries In Africa – September 2016 Ranking!! #1 will shock you!!

According to UK-based Legatum Institute, a research organization that evaluates and publish the annual Prosperity Index.

These are the most prosperous countries in Africa as of 2016.

10. Senegal

Senegal has been ranked the tenth most prosperous country in the continent. According to 2014, Legatum institutes’s Africa prosperity report, the nation has up nine places since 2012.

Senegal | How Africa News

9. Burkina Faso

Coming in the 9th place in the 2014 Prosperity Index, is Burkina Faso. This nation has raised five places since 2012.

Ouagadougou City Burkina Faso | How Africa News

8. Rwanda

Ranked as the 8th most prosperous African nation, Rwanda has been praised by the report for seriously encouraging women, to mould the country’s future.

Rwanda | How Africa News

7. Ghana

Ghana has a dynamic economic spirit as could be seen from the scene from Makola market. This West African state was ranked 7th in the continent’s prosperity rankings and was also rated as the 2nd safest country in the continent.

Ghana city | How Africa News

6. Algeria

Algeria is the 6th most prosperous nation in Africa. 93% of respondents in this country have got cell phones, which surpasses the economy index.

Algeria | How Africa News

5. Tunisia

Tunisia has been ranked the fifth most prosperous African state in 2014 by the Legatum Institute. The country is rated 1st in health sub-indicator and her citizens have a life expectancy of 75years which is 17years higher than the average in Africa.

Tunis city avenue habib bourguiba tunisia | How Africa News

4. Namibia

This magnificent hotel is in no other country but the fourth most prosperous nation in Africa; Namibia has been ranked number two in the governance sub-index.

Namibia | How Africa News

3. Morocco

Morocco has been rated the 3rd most prosperous African nation, the most ancient part of Fes is the walled settlement of Fes EI Bali; a city which was once the capital of Morocco.

Morocco | How Africa News

2. South Africa

This is an over view of Johannesburg skyline. South Africa has been ranked the second most prosperous nation in Africa; 40% of those who were surveyed said that it is a good time to find jobs.

South Africa | How Africa News

1. Botswana

Botswana is the most prosperous country in Africa with a beautiful natural heritage according to research carried out by the Legatum research institute. This enclosed country is ranked first in the governance report’s index.

Botswana | How Africa News

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