Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians In the World

Everyday we see them on television or we here about them on the radio. Now they are all over the Internet, letting us know how great they are and what they want to do for us. In reality, this is exhausting. When the TV commercials plugging politicians begin each election year, the nausea sets in, at least for most of us. So, for those of you who want the lowdown on those in politics who have the most influence and wield the most powerful weapons, here is a quick jaunt down DC’s lane. This will let you know who’s who in the fight to be king (or queen) of the hill.

10. Bashar al-Assad

Bashar al-Assad

Afez-al-Assad sired this politician, who took over leadership after the death of his father in the year 2000. A graduate of medical school from the University of Damascus, he subsequently worked for the Syrian army as a physician. In light of all the trouble in Syria, al-Assad maintained a steadfast, strong position. As a Syrianleader he has fulfilled all promised responsibilities made to his people, and is considered the best Syrian leader since his father was alive, securing himself a solid place in the top ten most powerful politicians list.

9. Hassan Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani

This amazing top ten inductee has an incredible resume, including Diplomat, Academic, Attorney, and Cleric. This Iranian politician has been elected President of Iran, and has played a very active role in their politics since 1989. He has since focused his energies on the Expedia Counsel, the Supreme National Security Counsel, and the Center for Strategic Research. His involvement in various other political interests. Hassan Rouhani secured the presidency by gaining an impressive lead, winning the position in July, 2013. He is currently focused on the preparation of a Civil Rights Charter, which will serve to improve the relationship Iran has with the West, and he feels very confident that this will be a successful undertaking. These facts alone have earned him the #9 position on our top ten list.

8. Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma

South African Jacob Zuma has served South Africa since 1977, and was finally elected as president in 2009. While involved in corruption charges which were later stated as illegal, he maintained the full support of the people of his people as well as his party. Subsequently he began service on the National Executive Committee, then serving the African National Congress for a time period of 30 years. The combination of these factors not only earned him the country’s position of presidency, earning him the number 8 spot on our Powerful Politicians list.

7. Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

This German politician has made quite an impact on the way things are done from a political aspect. Since the year 2000 she has led the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), and has held the seat of Chancellor of Germany since 2005. Ms. Merkel is the only female to ever hold seats in both positions. She entered politics in 1989, becoming the spokesperson for the East German Government, and has received numerous awards, including the Vision For East Europe Award, the B’nai B’rith Europe Award, and the much coveted Charlamagne Prize. She is also considered one of the worlds most 50 influential people. Angela Merkel has definitely earned her number 7 position on our list.

6. Tayyip Erdogan

Tayyip Erdogan


Tayyip Erdogan has maintained his position as the 25th Prime Minister of Turkey since 2003. Having graduated from an Islamic High School, Imam Hatip School, Tayyip has held the seat of mayor of Istanbul for four years, spanning 1994-1998. He was eventually ousted from politics and served a ten month prison sentence, simply for reciting a poem in the area of Siirt, located in Turkey. After in prison on 3 months, he proceeded to form the Justice and Development party, also referred to as the AKP. It became the most celebrated party of its kind withing the first year. Erdogan has been the recipient of countless awards. and was named one of the Most Influential People in the World in 2004 and 2010. He is dedicated to the control of tobacco use in Turkey, and has received the World Health Organizationaward do to his efforts in this area. Tayyip Erdogan has made this list through dedication and hard work, standing up firmly for what he believes in.

5. Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un is the Supreme Leader of North Korea, following in the footsteps of his father, Kim Jong Il. Some of the titles he has acquired include Chairman of the Central Military Commission, First Chairman of the National Defense, First Secretary of the Workers Party of Korea, and many more. While announced by television and radio to be “A Great Successor“, he is, indeed, the youngest head of state, being the ripe old age of 30.

4. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Most well known for being the wife of President Bill Clinton, most stand on their beliefs that she was indeed the power behind the throne. Intelligent, savvy, opinionated, and tolerant to say the least, this woman has displayed a dignity in the face of adversity that would cause most women to crumble. To this day, with her head held high and her grace intact, Hillary Clinton lets insults roll off her as water off a ducks back, and this is proven very effective. She is considering running for presidency, and with the calm, sensible demeanor she emits, it is extremely likely that, if voted in, this woman will show up every single man that has held the position before her.

3. Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Once a cricket player, this politician is a philanthropist, Chancellor at the University of Bradford, and founding chairman of the Board of Governors of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Research Center. He also has an extensive list of other credits to his name that make him one of the most proactive politicians of this time. Not only voted as Asia’s Person of the Year, Imran Khan has received recognition from all over the world in the form of awards and certifications, and with his exceptional good looks, he has found himself at the top of the polls in any competition. These facts have earned Imran the number 3 position on our list.

2. Barack Obama

Barack Obama

The President of the United States is currently serving his second term, and seems to be as popular and loved as ever by those who support him. While doubts had arose during his first term as to his nationality and education, Obama has rectified this situation by making a health care program that is cost efficient and effective available to all those in this country who are in desperate need of care. Obama has made it a point to be the people’s president, and the common voter finds him easy to relate to due to his down to earth mentality and willingness to be one of the common people. Barack has gained a substantial enough following and reputation to gain the number 2 position on our list.

1. Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

Jinping currently holds 3 positions withing the Chinese government, and is the favorite among the people. He is the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and president of the People’s Republic of China. He also served as governor of Fujian for a period of 10 years, and is passionate regarding the fight against political corruption and the safety and security of the Chinese people. This politician has made number one for obvious reasons, the most obvious being his concern for the people he governs.

The above politicians have worked hard to earn the positions of respect they hold. If you would like further information regarding any of these individuals, go online to research or careers, or look them up on Facebook. You will find the motivation and drive they possess to be something to hold in high esteem, and you may even find your opinions of them changing for the better.



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