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Top 10 Most Beautiful African First Ladies 2015

They say ‘beside every successful man is a woman’, but I’d rephrase that to ‘beside every successful President is a very beautiful First Lady’…and our top ten African First Ladies would definitely wow you.

It was very difficult coming up with the ten most beautiful African first ladies as there were quite a lot to pick from; who would make the list and who would narrowly miss out were the hardest decisions to make.

To get a fairly accurate judgement, we put together a pool of judges to bring up their top ten most beautiful African First Ladies, with each position having a score, and in turn selecting the highest scores from the top to the tenth position, we got our Top 10 Most Beautiful African First Ladies. bring you Top Ten Most Beautiful African First Ladies:





Hadja Djene Kaba is the wife of Guinea’s President Alpha Condé. She has a degree in Sociology and got her Masters at University Paris VII in France. Even after having three children, Hadja Djene still has that touch of beauty and has a niche for maintaining a simple but classy and elegant look. She’s tenth on our list and she’s a beauty.




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Charming smile, awesome dress sense are two things you can use to describe Angola’s First Lady, Anna Paula Dos Santos. Having previously worked as an air hostess and a model (two professions that require charm and beauty), there is little reason to wonder why she has such radiating looks. More interestingly, she met her husband President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos while working as an air hostess. She has three children, but still has what it takes to keep you at awe of her beauty. She’s number nine on our list and there is none denying her beauty.




Margaret Kenyatta is Kenya’s First Lady and wife of Kenya’s President, Muigai Kenyatta. She’s 51, a mother of three and possesses a skin that glows. She’s well known for her hair that’s clad in white, but it even adds the more to her beauty. She has a simple fashion style and some say a reserved lifestyle as well. Margaret Kenyatta is 8th on our 2015 Elcrema’s Ten Most Beautiful African First Ladies.



Hinda Déby is the wife of Chad President, Idriss Déby (who has married severally). She is an active member of her husband’s cabinet and her marriage to President Idriss Déby in September 2005 is one that caught a lot of attention in the country. She’s extremely beautiful, and at 39, she still has a lot of years ahead to still keep her beauty.





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Chantal Biya is the First Lady of Cameroon, and wife of President Paul Biya and they have been married for 21 years. The 41-year-old is a terrific beauty and is widely known for her hairstyles and fashion sense. She’s one who doesn’t shy away from the spotlight and loves to associate with top personalities and celebrities, including the likes of Paris Hilton, she isn’t just a First Lady, she’s a First Lady with a class of her own and she takes the sixth spot on our top ten most beautiful African first ladies.




Natalie is one of Africa’s youngest First Ladies, and you could confuse her looks and shape for that of a top model. She holds an International Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management from Cambridge International College and worked in the tourism industry prior to becoming First Lady. She would be 38 on 18th of August. She’s known for her children support programmes and got married to the Seychelles President on 16th of July 2005 and they have a daughter, Laeticia. The beautiful Natalie Michel is 5th on our Ten Most Beautiful African First Ladies.




When you are 62 years of age and still extremely beautiful then you are definitely one of the most beautiful people in the world. At 62, Dominique Ouattara still possesses a striking beauty, one that can even be noticed from a distance. She married President Alassane Ouattara on August 24, 1991 after the death of her first husband in 1984. She is Algerian by birth, and she deserves to be called beautiful every time, every day. She is fourth on our Ten Most Beautiful African First Ladies.




Class, elegance, beauty, fashionable are some words that can be used to describe the beautiful Zeinab Suma. She’s the wife of Gambia’s President, Yahya Jammeh. She gained prominence after she threatened to divorce President Yahya Jammeh in 2010 for marrying a second wife, if she isn’t sent packing, and her request was granted. She might have a not-too-good public image, but her beauty can never be denied. She has two children with President Yahya Jammeh and she takes the third spot on our list.




Aisha Buhari is the latest African First Lady, as her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari was recently sworn in as President of Nigeria on May 29th 2015. The 44-year-old married the president at the age of 18 after he divorced his first wife; she has five children with him and a grandchild. Beautiful is an understatement when describing Aisha Buhari, little wonder she has a post-graduate diploma in cosmetology and beauty. She’s known for her grace, charming smile and personality as well as her traditional African fashion sense. The Nigerian First Lady is known to be very supportive of her husband (which is a good trait) and she jumps straight to 2nd position on our list just one month after being First Lady.




Well, one look at her picture tells you why she was voted as the most beautiful African first lady. Her fashion style can be compared to none, and her smile can melt even the hardest of hearts. Although, she lost her parents in 1981 when she was just three years old, she has grown to be an adorable woman. She’s married to King Mohammed VI, and they got married on 12 October 2001. The couple have two children. Princess Lalla Salma is one who has gained prominence all over the world for her beauty and even though they say ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, her beauty is one that even the blind can see. All hail the beautiful Princess Lalla Salma; she’s top of the list in our TOP 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN FIRST LADIES.


These are our ten most beautiful African First Ladies, and you can’t deny their beauty; would you have rated them differently?


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  1. This list reads like a comedy script, the person who created it must have some sort of eye impediment- It’s a shambles and an insult to African women everywhere. The best looking woman on the list is average at best, literally a 5/6 out of 10. What is even sadder is that the whitest of the bunch (of whom might I add is so ordinary/average looking it hurts) is the one chosen to be the number 1 standard of beauty in Africa! It’s so sad that even today African people are still placing and viewing western standards of beauty as the superior over black beauty, even when there are others that are darker on the list who are more beautiful. The self hatred is real. This article is pathetic.

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  3. interesting the lighter the skin color, the less actual info about the woman. like.. what country is she first lady of, etc… oh well…

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