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Top 10 Mauritius Food You Must Taste

For a tiny island of only 1 million people, Mauritius has an incredibly rich and diverse food culture, infused with influences from its mélange of inhabitants (Creole, French, Chinese and Indian people). The island is also blessed with fertile soil, so the local produce is incredible – from super-sized vegetables to sweet fruits.

1. Mauritius Dholl Puri


Dholl Puri is undoubtedly the most popular street food in Mauritius. These Mauritian flatbreads have a filling of cooked yellow split peas. They’re served warm wrapped around curries, achards (pickled vegetables) and chutneys to make a yummy snack.

2. Mauritius Seafood


Mauritius is one of the leading exporters of seafood in Africa, with most of it being taken to Europe. You will love the country because of the fresh seafood in the menu of most hotels; and the fact that they have mastered the art of preparing mouth-watering seafood cuisines. Mouth-watering seafood is a real treat in Mauritius. If you wish to experiment, try baby octopus curry with bread, a real delicacy. You can also sample giant prawns, lobsters and crab dishes.

3. Mauritius Mazavaroo


Mazavaroo is a traditional Mauritian recipe for a classic spicy relish of chillies, onions, baby prawns, garlic and ginger cooked in an olive oil and lemon juice base that’s stored in a jar topped with olive oil.  This mazavaroo is like gold, I can’t emphasize how good it taste.

4. Mauritius Gajak


In Mauritius, snacking on “gajaks”, often over a drink, is an almost daily ritual, even more popular during festive periods. They are delicious little titbits, come in a variety of forms and are full of flavour.

5. Mauritius – Dim Sum



If the name is not familiar to you, Dim Sum is the Cantonese term for a type of dish that involves small individual portions of food, usually served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate.

6. Mauritius – Fish Vindaye


Vindaye is a refreshing fish curry originating from the Indian cuisine in Mauritius

7. Mauritius Alouda Glace


You simply cannot call yourself a Mauritian or visit Mauritius Island without even having a glass of “Alouda Glacée“.

8. Mauritius Mine Frite


Who has ever been to Mauritius and never tried this so typical dish? This a dish which is as popular as the Mauritian Fried Rice is a MUST try for any Mauritian Food Lovers. This dish is similar to the Mauritian Fried Rice except to the fact that instead of using rice, egg noodles are used.

9. Mauritius Farata (Flatbread)


Farata, the Mauritian equivalent of Indian paratha. Traditional Mauritian style flat bread commonly known as Farata or Roti. A kind of Indian pancake that is eaten in Mauritius: a flat bread that comes with curry or chutneys.

10. Mauritius Gateau Patate Douce


Deep fried Sweet Potato Cake. These sweet potato cakes are typical Mauritian street food and perfect for a tea-time snack. They have those wonderful tropical island flavours of coconut and cardamom.


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