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Top 10 Hot List Of African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

Africa is a blessed continent full of various different cultures, languages and people. Moreover among the citizens of the African continent there are for sure those who are more beautiful than others. One might Argue with the famous saying that beauty dwells in the eyes of the beholder, as much as this is true, there are still people who just fit in the universal definition of beauty which is “Beauty as a characteristic of a person, that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. In this section of the article we are going to list the top ten African countries with the most beautiful women. But why only the ladies? well we believe that women are an essential part of human beauty since they are the core make up of creation. Hence men are not compared by beauty in a Contemporary African society.

In various African cultures men are compared according to what they have, it can be in the form of money, material wealth, Cows, lands and e.t.c.

From Algeria to South Africa, Nigeria to Somalia. which is the North-South and East,West  of the African continent we have carefully compared and contrasted the whole countries in between, and we have looked into the gorgeous women in the 54 Nations of the continent then we have drawn a conclusion of our top ten African countries with the most beautiful women.

Please Note : Our top ten African countries with the most beautiful women is clearly opinionated from our own view point, Hence you are free to categorize your own top list, in the comment box below your list is also welcomed.

The Top 10 List Of African countries with the most beautiful women;




Tanzanian women are famed for their beauty, homemaking and bedroom skills. If you are looking for a proper beautiful woman to take back home and introduce to your parents then Tanzania is where you should look. 

 Meanwhile, Be spiritually strong before you embark on the curiosity visit to Tanzania for the simple reasons of what your eyes could see, otherwise you could perhaps be consumed helplessly to the lust of your imagination.



9) KENYA : 

African countries with the most beautiful womenKenyan women are Amazing and very Romantic, if you are looking for a woman who is beautiful, independent, hard working and a social life aficionado, and you don’t mind her taking little more sip of alcohol than you, then visit Kenya and find your dream woman.

In-addition to the Kenyan sensation, Kenyan women are bootylicious, tall, ebony skin tone and very jovial. One major thing I love about Kenyan beauty, during my time in Nairobi, they are one of the most down to earth ladies you will ever meet anywhere in Africa and possibly the world. but I must warn you materialism is in there DNA.



8) GHANA : 

Aba Kate Ghanian modelNo list of Africa beauty is ever complete with-out the gold coast. also famed for there bed room skills, height, ebony skin tone and most importantly bootylicious which is a universal African passport.

Ghanaian ladies are very respectful, they don’t brag, they are good listeners and also not so money minded, they value the relationship more than a fat bank account. Nonetheless this is a trait not applicable to all Ghanaian woman, a common stereotype is that the Ashanti and Krobo women love money.




Agbani derego Nigerian Model
Nigerian women are famed for there bootylious nature and fertility. Between the 1970s and 2011 Nigeria has tripled in population, making it Africa’s most populous nation. If you want a beautiful African woman who will give you lots of beautiful babies, then Nigerian is your destination.

Also, if you are looking for a woman with the intention of taking the relationship to the next level, “A wife Material” a woman who can take a good care of you and the home. Then Nigerian ladies are the African beauties for that. They also have a distinction for kitchen related matters.



6) SOUTH AFRICA : The famous Rainbow Nation.south African models

South Africa is home  to some of the most beautiful women in Africa today, from Cape town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. South African women are stunning be it White South Africans or Black South Africans it doesn’t matter.

From their Behind which is an African Passport , to their amazing typical African facial features. During my time in Pretoria I was almost hit by cars on numerous occasions while looking lustfully  at South African beauties.

The country has really lived up to expectations in being a rainbow nation.



5) ANGOLA : Daughters of the Atlantic coast.

Angola is more like a little Brazil full of exotic women of different texture, Angolans are chocolate Scados.
In all seriousness they have regular facial proportions & noble features. A few Angola women are supermodels, that’s no accident.
Brazilians are also stereotyped to have a high average of ‘beautiful ‘ people but the difference is that most Angolans are 100% naturally beautiful, unlike Brazil that has a very high amount of plastic surgery. Bootyliciousness is also their trade mark.
Famous daughters of the sea. Cape Verde is not the most populous nation in Africa neither is it the most famous or visited, but the tiny island is home to some of the most beautiful female creatures in Africa.
The Creole speaking islanders possess one of the best modeled girls in Africa. Although not much is known about the goddesses or the island, probably because of their relative isolation from the rest of Africa, their chocolate skin is definitely one to be reckoned with. Very tall, a mixture of both European and African color tones, they look like offsprings of Greek gods and African goddess. The island goddesses are not just some of the most beautiful in Africa, but also have a strong beauty stance in the world.
 3) ETHIOPIA : The cradle of humanity.
African countries with the most beautiful womenCivilization actually started in Ethiopia, thus I don’t find it surprising Ethiopia is probably the home of the most beautiful women in Africa. Ethiopian women are by far some of the most beautiful women in the world. Some say that their beauty results from the mixing of ancient Yemeni people with the Ethiopians. whichever, they are Magnificent. Regardless, their features are unique and incredibly attractive.They have intriguing faces and voluptuous bodies that are unrivaled.
Moreover, everyone cannot perform their incredible shoulder dance. Hahaha, unfortunately during my 9 months stay in this gorgeous land of beauty, Whenever I found myself with an Ethiopian girl, it was often difficult to tell if they liked you for you or for your money. Although we cannot generalize to every Ethiopian girl, their beauty is still too Unbridled.
 2) SOMALIA : War can’t destroy Beauty.
African countries with the most beautiful womenSomeone who has never seen the beauty of Somali women before may be amazed at their extraordinary features at first sight. Somali women are exceptionally beautiful and have come of age with many becoming household names in foreign lands.Take the case of Iman, a Somali model who has stunned the world with her cat walk styles in some of the world’s best fashion competitions. She appeared in many western movies often playing different characters.They are considered beautiful because of their womanly physical features that to some eyes will stand out – chocolate skin, soft long hair, and stunning facial features.Just like the Egyptians taking a Somali woman to your Mama or vice versa is definitely a problem,They tend to marry their own.
 1) RWANDA : Africa’s hidden Apple.
African countries with the most beautiful women“Spent 3 years in Kigali”,  attending public functions in different areas has allowed me to surround myself with the beautiful women of Rwanda. I believe all women are beautiful regardless of race but Rwandese women are definitely a class above, in my opinion, they have unique qualities that I absolutely love. The full lips that Rwandese women possess are an attractive feature that women from other cultures and around the world often attempt to duplicate.Their physical  figure is truly amazing. The nice thighs, the hips, and the behind- those are qualities every man wont fail to notice. I’ve honestly had to stop myself from staring multiple times on the streets of Kigali. Those natural curves are a blessing. But it’s not just physical traits. On top of their physical features, Rwandese women are independent, very hardworking, and influential. I love Rwandese women. They are definitely one of a kind.”
Meanwhile, the main reason Rwandese women took the first spot in this exclusive list of African beauties, is the fact that unlike the other African women a Rwandan girl never allows her poverty to make crucial decisions for her.They always tend to know what they want, physically magnificent, they are a true women to behold.
Now that is our Top ten African countries with the most beautiful women, sorry if your country of origin didn’t make the exclusive list. You can give us your own opinion in the comment box below, thank you.

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  1. Now I’m determined to go to Rwanda. I suppose the Arabic countries didn’t make the list because their women hide their faces. I am South African.

    • Arabic women? Im assuming you are referring to North African countries in which a high non-muslim population exists as well as the fact that the niqab is not institutionalized dress code. You speaking of the gulf -countries get your geography straight.

      PS I may be bias but Somali women are the most gorgeous along with Angolan and Ethiopian.

      • i agree with , and for that i think our evaluator didn’t make it in somalia and didn’t get close look , man somali women are extraordinary

    • You will find a lot of Arab women who do not cover their face you ignorant prick. Arab women are the most beautiful in Africa but this website is only talking about Black Africa. Even South Africa has white people but they did not make it to the list because they are only talking about Black Africans. And if you want to find Arabic women you will find so many actress and singers, don’t be ignorant not all of them cover their face. Even some black girls cover their face there is no difference.

  2. Here is my top ten
    1. Ethiopia
    2. Eritrea
    3. Somalia
    4. Rwanda
    5. Egypt
    6. Cape verdes
    7. Tunisia
    8. Nambia
    9. Mauritania
    10. Djubouti

  3. Thank you Alex for sharing your contribution and thank you Horace and Senzo for your comments. We appreciate it.

  4. My top ten
    1, Ethiopia
    2, Ghana
    3, Zambia
    9,South Africa
    I am Indian married to Zambian .Here is her Pic,

  5. I’m Somali and I am proud of all my Africans, I truly believe every country in Africa have beautiful women❤✌

  6. I believe the countries of Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea should be in the same category as their people are very similar in looks.
    Overall the list is more or less fair. But one has to remember that within each country in Africa you can find the most beautiful women.

      • Caamir, you’re just angry that Kenya and Ethiopia launched military incursions and airstrikes against the alshabab garbage within Somalia. Well, the troublemakers should not have been kidnapping tourists and causing problems in Kenya and Ethiopia in the first place. Anyway, from the most exposed of African cities, to the most rural of mountain, coastal, forest, savanna, desert, semi-desert and woodland villages, there are MILLIONS of gorgeous women. A ‘top 10’ article as written by this character of an author is definitely DUMB, and a stupid way of categorizing and classifying women as though they are property and objects to be OGLED at. Keep your white-style lustful, LASCIVIOUS, disgusting mode of valuing wise, intelligent, smart, witty, funny, and beautiful African women – to YOURSELF.

  7. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Your list is not appropriate and I don’t know the criterion or criteria you uesed.

  8. Duh… I am Moroccan-German. My mom is Moroccan and my dad German and what else can I tell you… The gold skin, hips curves, green light eyes and curly hair my girls have could slap all of those niggers. Moroccans are a mixture of Europeans, Jews and Middle Easterns (Lebanese mainly). Here are some celeb examples if you still doubting: Lauren Jauregui (cuban-moroccan), Dounia Idrissi (finnish-moroccan), Nisrina Sbia (full-blood Moroccan born in NL), Lina Meyer (moroccan mom and german-dutch dad) and lots more. I wish I changed the way you were thinking of Maghrebis.

    • Shut up and Stop being racist. Moroccans are Ugly and they are Arab wannabi hairy servants. They consider themselves Arab not knowing that their country is located in African. Talk about inferiority complex.

  9. Hello! I’m a Namibia I would rather put first Ethopia, Morocco, Angola, Gabon, Tanzania, Egypt, Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria and Mozabeque

  10. Rwanda, ethiopia,eriteria, djibouti, somali, angola, capeverde, southafrica, namibia, burundi, tanzania, l honestly find west africa womem using too much bleaching cream and hair weaves, not natural beauuties at all

    • you are very bias in that comment, I am Nigerian and i know for sure that all the beautiful west african women have the beautiful chocolate skin tone or are just naturally light skin. Yes, people use bleaching cream but no one gives them any credit so cant just conclude that we aren’t natural beauties.

  11. am somalian am proudly african bt u guys must remember have of rwanda people comes from somalia originally that why they become num one

      • he is talking about the tutsi tribe as they are originally Cushetic people but they have mixed with the hutti bantu people and they are not originally from Somalia but them being Cushetic they would be closely related to somalis as well as other Cushetic people in east africa even though they have mixed with the hutti people who are of bantu ethnicity so they wouldn’t be full blooded Cush anymore.

        • Oh please. Africans need to learn that the terms ‘Bantu,’ Cushite, Niger-Kordofanian, Khoisan and Nilote were only coined to DIVIDE US. You know nothing about Rwanda. While there are some linguistic similarities and differences, explain how some MAJOR languages in Africa are still ‘unclassified’ like Songhai. Really? The Songhai had a major Empire that changed world history to this day. Also, how is it that most words of the Ancient Egyptian language are IDENTICAL to Bantu words, yet Anciuent Egyptian and Bantu are supposedly in ‘different’ classes?
          Here’s an example – the Ancient Egyptian (AE) word for army = Mahe.The Kenyan Luhya (a Bantu language) word for army = Mahe. Check for yourself – the AE god of war was caled Maahes by the Greek (the Greek add ‘S’ at the end of every word. Just look at Greek names to this day if you want.
          AE for eye = Boni. Swahili for eye pupil = boni. Luhya for big eyes = mBoni
          AE for person = Ntu…

          and the examples are COUNTLESS. Ancient Egyptian was actually a proto-Bantu language. So when you see supposedly ‘Bantu’ people who look like they could be from another part of Africa, it’s not always true that someone ‘mixed’ with someone else. They have always looked like that from DAY ONE. Black Africans sometimes let their colonized minds take over whatever little faculties of thinking they have left. And that has to STOP.

          Burundians (the Nyarundi), East Congolese, the Tutsi, the Hutu, Ugandans like the Baganda, a plethora of Kenyan ethnicities like the Luhya, Kikuyu and Meru, Tanzanians like the Iraqw and Chagga, the Ngola in Angola and every single ethnicity classified as ‘Bantu’ all the way down south to the Zulu and Ndebele in Southern Africa, all have one ancestor, his name was Muntu, also called Montu – hence the term ‘Bantu.’ Bantu simply means ‘the people.’

          It’s also written as ‘Vantu.’ Ntu or Nut is people, while Ba or Va is ‘the.’ Almost all the toungues in East Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa have variations of the word ‘Bantu.’ For example, in Swahili, it’s ‘Mtu’ for one person, and ‘watu’ for many. The Kikuyu say ‘andu’ some Luhyas say ‘vandu’ – see the similarities? All the Bantu people actually came from what is now called Egypt. They passed through Sudan and Ethiopia, following the two branches of the Nile River, while they went deep into the equatorial and southern parts of Africa. White historians would have you believe that the Bantu came fromWest Africa. That is a lie. All Africans came from North-East Africa. The Bantu are traditionally livestock herders, as well as agriculturalist farmers, some even farm fish. They highky vakue cattle. Hence the ‘East African Cattle Complex’ look it up. The Congo Rainforest is IMPENETRABLE. How in the world would the ancestors of the Bantu fan out from West Africa THROUGH A DENSE RAINFOREST, THIUSANDS OF MILES WIDE, WITH CATTLE? You can’t even walk a sheep in the Congo Rainforest!

          As an aside, the Meru, also a ‘Bantu’ speaking language of Kenya, says that they and the Somali were one people. They were led out of captivity in Egypt by a guy called Ka-something. The story resonates with that of Moses in the bible almost piece-for-piece. At some point the people who were to later divide into Ameru and Somali (among others) were crossing a bridge over a sea/river. The bridge collapsed and those who remained behind became the Somali.

          So tell me, what exactly is a Cushite, if Kush was a kingdom that was ACTUALLY developed and founded by the people we now see and call ‘Sudanese,’ like the Dinka, Shilluk, Nuer, and Nuba? Yet those ethnicities I just mentioned, are actually calssified as ‘Nilotic?’ And some who are listed as ‘Kushite/Cushite’ actually have roots in Israel/ Lebanon (the Somalis use the name ‘Liban’ a lot)/ Saudi Arabia/ Iraq/ Iran/ Yemen/ Oman/ Kuwait? Like the Djiboutians, Amhara and Somali? Yet, at the same time, ‘Kushitic’ languages actually have origins in Africa, bevause of the 250 Afro-Asiatic languages on earth, only 2 are found outside Africa – Arabic and Hebrew. the other 248 are native to the continent.

          What dies that tell you? It tells me that ALL AFRICAN languages have a common ancestor, and they split over time. It also tells me that Africans inhabited an area that covered the entire Western Asia at one point. As Africans, we are so many different ethnicities (perhaps around 2500) because we LOVE EXPLORING and setting up new colonies. And we LOVE MIXING with other Africans, regardless of whether we are of the same ethnicites or not. The Hutu are actually mixed with Pygmies who once inhabited Rwanda, but now seemto only live in Congo. At one point, the Hutu and Tutsi were ONE people. Ask any Rwandan. MUch like the inter-clanhostilities in Somalia. One people, but over time, people with different, selfish and greedy agendas come onto the scene and change everything.

          Know your African History.

  12. Nigeria gyal got me fascinated; they got all I want in a woman; no disrespect to all african gyals just like D’banj am a bit oliver twist about em; I wish I can have them all!!!

  13. ABDULAZIZ,am Tanzanian bt my list is Ethiopia,Somalia,Angola,Tanzania,Rwanda,Ghana,South Africa,Nigeria,Eritrea and Cape Verde. Rwanda should not peak number 1,however Rwandese were originally from Ethiopia and Somalia.Without a doubt Ethiopia is the first and most African country with beautiful attractive women on the continent.

  14. wooow somalia is best look map look flag and position the poeple of somalia is most beauty of world iam somalian i want marry girl saudi arabian waxaa yeelay way dhowsoon yihiin THANKS OF ALLAH

  15. Out of those pics there the most beautiful for me is the South African and the Angolan girl. From what I know myself and from what I see I’d say Eritrean/Ethiopian (historically are the same people) females are some of the most beautiful women to grace Africa. But I have to say that Angolan, Congolese, Nigerian and Tanzanians are absolutely beautiful too. And this is coming from an Eritrean too!

  16. All Are Beautiful…….Its Hard To Select……I Am Also Looking For Same Beautiful Girl For Marriage……..00966576609470

  17. no body say i am a beautiful compare to the other, because every one in the world are beautiful.because no one like him/her rather then he/she.The all this ranking is a bull shit .I am from the capital city of africa addis ababa.

  18. tDo not be stupid !! Do not be racist while being from Africa. Hey still now ??? I say S.T.S. that is Stop the Stupidity. Be one minded, you are all black shits.

  19. First of all let me say hello 2 mama Africa,May peace blend all the African countries.
    Secondly,when i read this list for a while I was thinking like “uuh,not another useless motivational report!”,then I figure out that who put this list share D.Trump in some ideas n a weird way!loool, I mean come on guys this list is not fare at all,where is morocco,Egypt,Sudan,union of the comoros,Mali,Mauritania,Tunisia?

    U guys r drawling some golden roots by ur’s view point,if Nefertiti was alive she we’ll say “what a big shame”.
    Anyway nice sexy report&agree with u guys on Angola they got glamorous ladies over there.
    God bless Africa.

  20. I would say #1 is Ethiopia #2 Morocco #3Algeria #4 Angola #5 Mozambique #6 Somalia #7 Rwanda #8 Eritrea #9 South Africa #10 Equatorial Guinea

  21. They are all gorgeous. The colors never matter as long as the heart is beautiful. This is what makes them more gorgeous. Please let me share this new fake sonogram videos from fakeababy. It is very funny and entertaining. Best for gags and the best gift for friends.

  22. I am tired of the only time that the beauty of an African/Black women can be acknowledged is when they have some sort of European, Arabic, Spanish, Asian, or another ethnicity that they are mixed with. Please stop deceiving people as these women are not pure African and I am so happy that so many famous mixed ancestry women have come out and admit this women such as Tia and Tamara, Zoe Saldona , among others they are tired of having the other part to their heritage which at times people can barely name blotted out. The damage this has done in pitting the pure breed African women against these women has resulted in people like Little Kim a Black American rapper who’s now so disfigured due to plastic surgery that her people have become to embarrassed and ashamed to claim her stating that she suffers from mental damage,(really but she only wanted to look white so that she can be loved too) in addition to harsh chemicals known to cause cancer and balding & bleaching that leads to skin damage so don’t tell me that this has been an INNOCENTLY harmless thing for Africa to embrace because you have left the African women to fail to measure up with most of the time the only beauty left to be appreciated among them being complemented is there booty thighs and hips so they are reduced down to mere sex objects which is why they are USED UNTIL THEY ARE REPLACED please stop this if your going to CATEGORIZE women then AT LEAST MAKE IT FAIR pit them against themselves and whites against their selves asian’s against their selves Spanish against their selves and see how they fair and parade these women that you deem as the most beautiful around in front of their husbands and the men so their expressions can be captured when they realize that they ARE NOT IN YOUR TOP TEN and then let the men attached to the women who are among the top ten’s husbands boast to the men who’s women failed to measure up so it can be shown how EGO WORKS To Diminish self esteem contributing to ruining a happy home promote your African women African men because NO OTHER RACE WILL and these other women already HAVE THEIR OWN TO GUSH ALL OVER THEM SO WHY CAN’T THAT BE SUFFICIENT??????? I can’t begin to count the number of articles that I’ve read were African women are said to be unattractive and very ugly unless of course they are referring to butt hips and thighs (or lips where they speak of fantastic blow jobs e.g. dose dick sucking lips ring a bell)why do you think that Limits was chosen…Simply To Boost Morale and Self Esteem in the Dark Skinned African Women “How Sad that this is all they saw” and after the phase is over it’s back to business as usual the white man’s world to me sucks because they are now an extremely WORSHIPPED SPECIES that everyone wants to resemble do you know that America a state just legalised black hair braiding the state is Iowa so as you see they don’t like our skin our natural short wool like textured hair or our physical features up until recently how shameful & May I Never Fall Into This Category

  23. Please do not fight over African beauty. If we classify African beauty according to the sizes of populations, then the most populated countries in Africa will be ahead. In sharing some of the view points, beautiful women can be found in any one country on our Continent. And how do we define beauty, is it the aesthetic external characteristics of a woman, or the inner part values? of course both meanings will depend on the use and on the interpretation. But in my opinion, both the external and internal values are equally tested nowadays in beauty contests and even in job interviews. In conclusion, beauty in some situations, is how a woman portrays or carries herself, and of course, of what comes out of her brain through her language. External beauty without the inner qualities is comparable to law without morality which is the enforcement for the observation of the law.

  24. my list
    1. Rwanda 2. Ethiopia 3. Somalia 4. Djibouti 5. Eritrea 6. Cape-verd 7. Tunisia 8. Burundi 9. Egypt and 10. Angola

    WHY Rwanda No1. Because in Rwanda i found there all kinds of ladies any figure,any height, any shape, any body color, any hair styles and how responsible they are ..remember they are the world’s top Parliamentary female domination 64% that shows how they are hardworking, disciplined and intelligent unlike to all other listed countries where like in Ethiopia, Eritrea,Somalia and Djibouti most of their ladies are slim they got the size of miss campaigns only though they look so beautiful on their faces , for Angola & Burundi, they got few very beautiful ladies compared to other black listed and for Egypt and Tunisia they got all Arab beauty compared to other countries..thank you

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