Top 10 Flat Belly Diet Foods that Reduce Belly Fat

Ah, the unremarkable sight of belly fat. Having a belly means that you’ve been less active and that means you’re more prone to various ailments at a certain point in life. Of course, individuals that want a change would look forward to find ways to get rid of that unsightly belly. So, in this article; you’ll get to know the Top 10 Flat Belly Diet Foods that Reduce Belly Fat for you to live healthier and longer

1. Almonds

Photo Credit: Eric Moreland

These small nuts are actually capable of greatly impacting your body. It’s not only rich in Vitamin E which improves your skin’s health and Protein which helps in the growth and development of body tissues; but they’re rich in fiber which helps you to stay full for a longer period of time. Sure, they may be high in calories but that won’t contribute to the formation of belly fat hence eating almonds can help in keeping your food cravings at bay.

2. Watermelons

Photo Credit: Francis Boston

This enormous fruit contains around 82% water which means that you’re only going to have a full stomach for a long period of time but also have the excess sodium be removed from your body. Aside from that; watermelons have barely 100 calories in one cup and is also rich in Vitamin C which is capable of warding off annoying infections and inflammations.

3. Beans

Photo Credit: Rico Holly

Consuming these legumes on a regular basis will greatly help in removing body fat and at the same time have your digestion be promoted to better levels and help in building up body muscles due to protein. Also, beans would also keep your stomach full for a longer period of time which means the chances of over-indulgence over food will less likely happen.

4. Any Green Leafy Veggies

Photo Credit: Sam Lopez

If you desire to get a flat stomach right away; then it’s best that you would fill up your plate with so many green leafy veggies. These low-calorie foodstuffs are rich in fiber and provide a lot of very important vitamins and minerals that will aid you to ease water retention; all without the bad side-effects in the form of a bloated stomach or any gastro-intestinal or stomach discomforts.

5. Cucumbers

Photo Credit: Remy Woodford

If you’re into very refreshing yet low-calorie foodstuffs that’s capable of helping you get a flat belly, then go for Cucumbers! Cucumbers contain around 96% water which makes it a very good cooling food. Aside from that, it can also keep you full and assure that those over-indulgences of food is kept at bay. Speaking of calories, one full cucumber is at least 45 calories; so no need to worry about getting fat from cucumbers.

6. Avocado

Photo Credit: Sunny Tidd

Avocado or Alligator Pears are considered to be magic fruits because of how they’re rich in important nutrients to the body. It’s also rich in fiber which means your food cravings are going to be kept at bay; and also it has a plethora of mono-unsaturated fatty acids which aids in the burning off of belly fat at a faster pace.

7. Oats

Photo Credit: Sandy Swann

Always start your day by having oats for breakfast. These grains are very filling and also help you to lose weight at a faster pace. Why is that so? Well, to begin with Oats are low in calories yet they also provide energy to your body slowly. Also, these grains can keep your food over-indulgence at bay and at the same time, lowering your cholesterol levels as well!

8. Water

Photo Credit: Patrick Trounce

Obviously, one of the best way to keep your tummy full and food over-indulgence at bay is to simply be rehydrated! Drinking some good amounts of water aside from keeping your body cooled and hydrated; makes sure that you won’t feel too bloated and at the same time; water pushes out excess fluids and toxins out of the body system; hence you’re simply keeping excess cravings at bay and also cleaning up your body at the same time.

9. Apples

Photo Credit: Gil Garber

These readily-available fruits, aside from the fact that they’re very rich in anti-oxidants and some important vitamins and nutrients; are also jam-packed with so much fiber which means your stomach will be kept full whenever you consume these fruits. Also, since apples are delectable fruits, they’ll keep your excess cravings at bay at a much more minimal calorie intake.

10. Peppermint

Photo Credit: Joe Lopez

Last but not least is the popular herb that’s known as Peppermints. This herb is known for its various healing and calming digestive properties which make it handy for solving those annoying stomach aggravations. It’s also good for removing any excess stomach fat and in order to do that; you must drink Peppermint tea. Aside from removing excess fat; it’s also capable of cleansing your skin as well.

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