Top 10 Most Famous Casino Resorts In Africa!

With its great enactment and affectingly appealing appeal, Africa is turning into the gaming desert garden of today. Around 30 African Countries are in control of gambling clubs and gaming machines. Drawing in players from all around the globe, numerous web based betting sites offer point by point data and rules with respect to betting in Africa, Gambling Africa among others, and also subtle elements on Android and iPhone online clubhouse, chances to win clubhouse rewards and significantly more.

By hosting over 40 casinos, South Africa is the leading gaming country in Africa. Other African countries also popular for gambling include Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Uganda among others.

Given the abundance of gambling opportunities, South Africa presents the most popular gambling country on the continent. Some of Africa’s top ten casinos are located here including Sun City, Pilanesberg, Gold Reef City, Montecasino, Fourways, Emperors Palace, Kempton Park among others.

  1. Pilanesberg Game Resort – South Africa

One of the biggest casinos in Africa is located within the wondrous Pilanesberg Game Resort. Sun City casino is inside the Sun City Hotel including two sections with one being non-smoking. There are plenty of slot machines and as many as 38 gaming tables for anyone and everyone.

  1. The Gold Reef City Casino – South Africa

Being Johannesburg’s oldest casino, The Gold Reef City Casino is one of the most popular enjoyment settings. Adjoining the Gold Reef City theme park and the Apartheid Museum, it offers unique blend of tradition, first-class entertainment, and leisure options making it an attractive destination for locals and tourists alike. It is equipped with the latest gaming technology featuring approximately 1 700 slot machines incorporating the latest video games.


  1. Montecasino – South Africa

Themed after Monte Cassino and aimed to replicate an ancient Tuscan village, Montecasino is perpetually popular destination for slots-lovers also featuring 78 gaming tables  including American Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Craps (dice) and Blackjack. There a frequent poker tournaments keeping the stakes high as well as new games. It offers something for the whole family including a bookstore, great stores, live concerts, cinemas, theatres, kids’ area and rugby festivals.

Even though South Africa seems to offer the multitude of casinos on the continent, gambling is predominant in other African countries as well.

  1. The Emerald Casino and Safari Resort – South Africa

Surrounded by abundant green vegetation, trees and broad garden, The Emerald Casino and Safari Resort offers standard and luxury hotel, chalet and bush lodge accommodation to people preferring to play day and night alike. Being in the midst of a marvellous relaxing oasis, The Emerald Casino complex area possesses no less than 660 slot machines; a wide variety of traditional and modern slots enticing even the most jaded gamblers.

  1. Gaborone Sun Casino – Botswana

Botswana hosts the amazing Gaborone Sun Casino. It is a part of the Gaborone Sun Hotel, which is located between the diamond-rich Kalahari Desert and South Africa. Being part of Sun International Group, owning a portfolio of nearly 30 hotels and 12 casinos, The Gaborone Sun is a luxurious hotel that provides the sense of modernity but also a colonial feel.

  1. Casino de Maurice – Mauritius

Mauritius oldest casino is a tempting venue providing utmost discretion and wide range of table games including blackjack, oasis poker and American roulette as well as multitude of slot machines and touch bet roulette. Casino de Maurice welcomes all gamers over 18 and requires no registration or identification.

  1. Golden Key Casino – Kenya

One of the classiest casinos in Kenya is the Golden Key Casino. With its refined ambience and glamorous décor, it appeals to both serious and recreational players. Being part of the renowned Tamarind restaurant, the casino is one of the most attractive venues promising glorious dining paired with exciting entertainment.

  1. The Great Casino of La Mamounia – Morocco

The Great Casino of La Mamounia is an internationally reputable casino located at the foot of the Atlas Mountain in Marrakech. With its enticing setting, within the legendary Hotel La Mamounia, where tradition and modernity intermingle, The Great Casino La Mamounia welcomes you for an alluring experience emphasized by the luxury, elegance and sophistication of this enchanting place.


  1. The Pyramids Casino Escape – Uganda

Designed to satisfy the taste of the great kings & queens of Ancient Egypt, The Pyramids Casino Escape offers the magical experience with The Pyramid’s exceptional selection of specialty games, exquisite dining, and cocktail bars. Being the most alluring casino in Uganda, it disposes of large variety of table games and magnificent and luxurious Private gaming rooms that indulge all tastes and customers venerating privacy.

  1. The Swakopmund Hotel & Casino – Namibia

Earning its stars within months of opening, The Swakopmund Hotel & Casino is a four-star resort located at the entrance of the Skeleton Coast. Namibia’s leading resort provides the best seafood at the Captain’s Tavern and classy gambling in the state-of-the-art Mermaid Casino with entertaining modern jackpots. The Entertainment Centre within the resort includes a gym, two cinemas, a video-arcade and fast food outlet.

So, if you are in for an exciting adventure on the mystical and gaming abundant continent of Africa, you are welcome to check out the most popular casinos offering warm welcome and unforgettable gaming.


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