Top 10 energy bars and drinks-most Nutritious

Make incremental improvements in the health of the body by eating these energy bars and drinking these energy drinks.The following are the most recognized and readily available energy bars:

1. The CNP Elite Energy drink is endorsed by pro athletes. This energy drink is easy to digest.  Cyclists, Vegetarians and Vegans vouch for its ingredients.

2. The Ultimate Sports Nutrition’s (USN) Epic Pro All-In-One is designed to be used before, during and after exercise lasting for hours. Its carbohydrate content of 48.8g of carbohydrate per 500ml and 16g of protein make it an elite product. USN has a thick consistency coated with a tropical flavor for taste. The drink needs to be kept in cool conditions.

3. Red Bull is the original energy drink. Loaded with natural supplements like guarana, ginseng and gingko biloba, it has been designed to improve athletic performance with the help of its great flavor. Included in the drink are ingredients such as amino acids, carbohydrates and caffeine.

4. The Monster energy supplement’s original taste is of citrus flavors. Its patented mixture contains ginseng, B-vitamins, caffeine supplement and taurine.

5. The 5-hour Energy drink delivers the energy required in a single “shot.” Each shot contains a blend of taurine and B-vitamins infused with caffeine.


6. The AMP energy solution may not be well known but its taste trumps all others. The energy booster has a sweet, carbonated citrus flavor mixed with orange juice.

7. Of all the different energy bars in the market, the Clif energy-bar-24- is the greatest. Its carbohydrates provide a quick energy boost as well as a steady supply of endurance. The Clif energy bar’s all natural flavors contain vitamins and minerals derived from plants and fruits.

8. The Power Bar’s Fruit Smoothie contains maltodextrin and has 3 grams of carbohydrates. The Calcium and Sodium elements help prevent cramps. The low fiber content will not affect your stomach

9. Honey Stinger’s layers of honey within two thin cookies provides 21 grams of carbohydrates and 4% increase in hemoglobin to aid the hard-working muscles of the body.

10. Probar’s peanut butter and jelly formula is a great supplement. The bar’s protein fiber, mixed in with 15% of the daily energy requirements for iron and 7% for potassium will stave off muscle cramps from hunger and malnutrition.


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