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Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries According to Global Peace Index 2016 (4 of 10 are African countries)

This article will provide you a list of 10 most dangerous countries in the world according to GPI. Every year Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) publishes global peace index to measure peacefulness of countries and region. The ranking process is based on point system. Each country is awarded points for a set of indicators, and the countries with higher score is considered safer, and with lower score is considered relatively dangerous. IEP takes a total 22 indicators to measure peacefulness of a particular country. War/Civil war, no. of deaths, homicide per 100,000 people, ease of access to guns, relations with neighboring region, No. of jailed people, military expenditure, terrorist activity, political instability are among the key indicators.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries according to GPI

Here are a list of Top 10 most dangerous countries which has the highest peace index score ranks lowest in Global peace index ranking.

10. North Korea (GPI Score 3071)

North Korea

The nuclear superpower about which the world knows next to nothing. All the aspects of its resident’s rights are managed by the state. After getting independence from Japan Korea split into two nations and Communist North Korean Government is run by the Un family. In North Korean Government structure revolves around supreme leader. Heavy militarization and war with South Korea made the state economy vulnerable. People do not own anything there, everything is state property. This results in high level of corruption. According to UN North Korea have one of the worst human right violation record, and people there do not have the right of free speech and access of basic human necessities. The Government arbitrarily detains, and tortures citizens who oppose the viewpoint of supreme leader. Numerous political deaths, executions, lack of food, infrastructure and basic necessities put North Korea among 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the world.

9. Pakistan (GPI Score 3107)


Pakistan is the 9th most dangerous country in the world. Since independence Pakistan fought 3 wars with India which weakened the economy. Political instability and military rule made the situation worse. A country founded entirely based on religion is a safe heaven for extremists, and they use the land of Pakistan as their Safe heaven. Sometimes to manipulate the geopolitical power structure Pakistan and ISIactively supports and trains insurgents (specially against India, Afghanistan and Iran). This policy worked for a  long time but recently it backfired on them as Taliban,Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and numerous other groups whom Pakistan provided training, and arms struck back at them. Currently Pakistan is the most affected by terrorism in the world.

Currently Pakistan faces challenging problems like Poverty, Corruption, illiteracy and extremism, terrorism, income inequality. Currently Pakistan is struck by around 1500 terror attacks each year, this includes recent attack in a school which led to death of 145 (among them 135 children).

8. Democratic Republic of Congo (GPI Score 3213)

Democratic Republic of Congo

After the displacement of an autocratic regime, since 1997 Congo is in continuous civil war. More than 5.5 million people died due to the war or the situation that occurred due to the war. Massive displacement resulted in overcrowded unsanitary living conditions and malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition widely spread in those areas. Half of the victims are children below age 5. Congo has one of the lowest Human Development Index score, ranking 186 among 187 countries. 20 armed UN peacekeeper groups are trying to bring peace in Congo.

7. Central African Republic (GPI Score 3331)

Central African Republic

Landlocked Central African Republic gained independence in 1960 from France. After independence Central African Republic was under military rule. First multi-party election was held in 1993 and after that there were several ups and downs. Sudan and South Sudan resides north and north-east of Central African Republic and the influence of being in a troubled region can be seen in the state of this country. Government, Christian and Islamist extremists are fighting for the control of the country. This ongoing armed conflict resulted in numerous deaths and displacement of massive amount of people. Numerous Governmental abuse, mob violence, poor human rights, and violence against children & women put Central African Republic in the radar of numerous human rights organizations.

6. Sudan (GPI Score 3362)


Sudan faces same set of problems as South Sudan. Long lasting ethnic violence, two civil wars and tribal conflict divided the country in various sectors which resulted in creation of South Sudan.


Still ethnic cleansing, high level of poverty and slavery holds the country down. The constitution and law structure is based on Qur’an makes the country vulnerable toward extremism. Lack of Government control, poor living conditions and human rights violation put Sudan in 6th position at our list.

5. Somalia (GPI Score 3368)


Somalia the country with no Government is the ideal ground for radical groups. Somalia is in civil war since 1991, and this is one of the longest lasting civil war in the world. Ongoing civil war led the country toward extreme poverty, and timely international intervention made the situation worse. US and NATO drone attacks increased support of the radical groups. Al Qaida-affiliate Al Shabaab and many other clan based groups are responsible for this conflict. The ongoing war is responsible for hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties and violation several basic human rights and international laws.

Currently UN led peacekeeper force is trying to improve the situation Somalia. A shattered economy, famine, piracy and water crisis makes Somalia one among Top 5 Most dangerous countries .

4. Iraq (GPI Score 3377)


After 2003 invasion of Iraq by US which officially lasted till 2011 is the main cause behind Iraq being in the list of most dangerous countries. Before that Iraq was ruled by Saddam Hussein. US intervention took down Saddam’s Government in a 21 day war and dismantled Iraqi army. US militarily intervened in Iraq alleging to stop Saddam from building stockpiles of chemical weapons and Nuclear weapon which was later proved to be wrong. Later US tried to correct the situation by installing a pro USA Government which made the situation worse, as the new Government discriminated minority sunny population. Currently the main problem in Iraq is the rapid expansion of pro Sunni group ISIS. With the help of local Sunni population support this group is able to seize control of several important cities such as Mosul, Tikrit, Fallujah and several oil fields. Currently ISIS controls around a third of Iraq, other 1/3 is controlled by Kurd forces rest are controlled by Iraqi Government. War-crimes mass killings by US/NATO forces along with rebel groups makes Iraq 4th most dangerous country in the world.

3. South Sudan (GPI Score 3397)

South Sudan

In the year 2011 Sudan split into two countries Republic of Sudan and South Sudan. Since independence this northeast African state is in civil war between different tribes fighting for power. This ongoing conflict resulted in death of hundreds of thousands of people if not millions. Along with ongoing ethnic violence the state has one of the worst health conditions in the world. Widespread malaria and HIV made the situation worse.

2. Afghanistan (GPI Score 3416)

2nd most dangerous country : Afghanistan
2nd most dangerous country : Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the 2nd most dangerous country in the world, and the main reason behind this is more than a decades of foreign occupation. After 9/11 US led NATO allies decided to overthrow Taliban Afghanistan Government alleging they are the safe house for terrorists. Since 2001 Afghanistan has been in the occupation of US soldiers, and this more than a decades of war resulted in demolition of most of the infrastructure. US is its allies are trying to bring back peace in the country by providing military aid and helping to build Afghan army. According to UN report more than 12,000 people died in armed conflict this year alone consisting both civilian and Afghan security force member.

This ongoing war shattered the economy which led to high rate of unemployment and the youth vulnerable toward extremism.

1. Syria (GPI Score 3650)

 Syria : Most Dangerous Country in the world
Syria : Most Dangerous Country in the world

The primary reason behind Syria being World’s most dangerous country is the Civil war between several rebel groups and oppressive dictator Bashar al-Assad’s Government.  Syria is a sunny majority country, and it’s been ruled by a shia ruler whose Govt. has a little or no support of majority of the people. This situation gave birth to nationwide protest and armed conflict. Syrian Government tried to crush this by the use of brutal force and chemical weapon on its own citizen. This political unrest gave birth to several armed rebellion groups such as Free Syrian army and several others. Other groups such as al-Qaeda, and ISIS took advantage of this situation and with the support of local people they were successful to form parallel government in several areas. Death estimates of this ongoing conflict is around 200,000 and another 1-1.5 million people injured.

It’s really heartbreaking to even know about the dangerous situations and threats under which the citizens of these ‘most dangerous countries’ live on. Sometimes the dangerous situations are solely created by policies/military interventions by so-called protector of peace. If you are from any the above 10 MostDangerous Countries let us know your experience about being there, We know it’s tough, and most of the people from developed countries won’t be able to understand. We hope and pray that situation will improve there soon so that no innocent lives are lost, and people there can live happy and prosperous life.


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  1. Who writes these articles and if you are a native born child of Africa they must be paying you well hopefully you are seeing the writing on the wall it’s full fledged attack against anything Islamic (911) all over again until they are ready to offer up more fake apologies coupled long speeches about how discrimination isn’t right and that Muslims are really good people who are misunderstood and really don’t deserve this. Yet what we read featured here are mostly Islamic countries listed among the most the dangerous countries in the world right ? well I can remember when Pakistan and Afganistan pale in comparison to Iraq and lately now they are found guilty singing a demonic song about what all these two countries and their citizens have been involved in blowing things up world wide and what I wonder will happen when those that are orchestrating this are ready to spread the blame to other so-called countries who house and support anything Islamic, well I guess we shall see. Meanwhile, I sure can bet that the African continent has enjoyed all those Islamic facilities invested into on their soil though right…(Islam is being infiltrated and it has become hard to know who’s who but this is exactly how your attention and energy should be rediverted and focused on tackling) I don’t wanna go down that road again where Islam is blamed for everything and thousands of lives once are lost and then they realize that they were wrong and begin issuing apologies with nothing having truly been accomplished but more lives needlessly lost to no avail

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