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Top 10 Cultural Hotels in Sfax

At the end of the day, Sfax is a cultural place, so it’s only fitting that the hotels should reflect that trait. And they definitely do! Here we’ve whittled all of Sfax’s hotels down to the ten that best reflect the local heritage, style and substance.

Golden Tulip
Golden Tulip © Tunisia Holiday Deals

Golden Tulip

The Golden Tulip has some of Sfax’s best brunches, and now it’s time for the hotel itself to shine! Easily Sfax’s leading hotel, it may be modern and popular, but it also retains that native culture that’s so important. It’s planted within the heart of the city, a bustling industrial center, yet each room is a peaceful haven. The Golden Tulip stands out because it harmoniously combines contemporary styles with tradition via three exciting restaurant/bars and stylish meeting rooms.

Watch out for – The slickness that spans around this whole hotel


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Hotel Thyna
Hotel Thyna © Cherche Info

Hotel Thyna

Hotel Thyna’s recent refurbishment has paid off, as their decor has really experienced an uplift in recent months. It’s a respectable cost for the generous quality (two nights is €5, or about $56 US for a 4-bed suite), and with this price you get a large en-suite, living room, cozy beds and even a terrace overlooking Sfax’s thriving city center. Also use staying here as a chance to get to grips with gorgeous North African delicacies that burst with flavor – special mention going to the chocolate pastries! An all-round clean, pleasant offering close to the main epicenter of tourism.

Watch out for – The balconies! Optimally positioned for people-watching from above

Address – Angle rue Habib Maazoun place Marbourg Beb BharSfax, Sfax, Tunisia

Hotel Naher El Founoun
Hotel Naher El Founouni © Trip Advisor

Hotel Naher El Founoun

Again, the physical geography behind Hotel Naher El Founoun means visitors have the perfect chance to enjoy both the facilities directly offered and Sfax’s cultural center. With city views from your room, you’ll also have an en-suite, breakfast provided, a la carteevening dining, room service, concierge and maids who are thoroughly attentive. It’s just five miles from Thyma Airport, making it ideal for travelers, whether for pleasure or business.

Watch out for – The easy access all-round

Address – Route de Téniour, km 3 – 3041 Sfax – Tunisie, 3041Sfax, Tunisia

Les Oliviers Palace
Les Oliviers Palace © Vestiges Tours Online

Les Oliviers Palace

A stunning hotel that embodies glamour, Les Oliviers is not one to miss off. Especially recommendable for honeymooners or other forms of romantic getaways, it provides sophisticated restaurants and has 137 bedrooms, each individually kitted out with en-suites, mini-bars and large, comfortable beds. It’s relatively small compared to others in the area, but this means the intimacy is heightened, and you receive a truly unbeatable personal experience.

Watch out for – The sheer comfort of the rooms. You’ll have to prize yourself out at some point though, to experience Sfax in all its touristic glory!

Address – 25, Avenue Hedi Chaker -3000 Sfax –Tunisie

Borj Dhiafa
Borj Dhiafa ©

Borj Dhiafa

With easy access to the amenities most associated with Sfax, Borj Dhiafa is also a stylish, slick place to stay, whatever your reason for coming to Sfax. Its decor speaks for itself, while the two a la carte restaurants do little to disprove the theory that Borj Dhiafa is splendid. You’re going to have to reserve in advance, as it’s bound to get a little busy.

Watch out for – The slick aura


Address – Route soukra km3 – 3052 Sfaxre Trip

Hotel Mercure
Hotel Mercure © Holiday Check

Hotel Mercure

A great base from which to explore the vibrant cultural center called Sfax, Hotel Mercure is affordable but doesn’t scrimp on quality. You’re not far from major attractions such as Hammam Sultan or Dar Jellouli Museum – but if you’ll actually make it to them is another story, as Hotel Mercure has plenty of its own facilities specifically for your usage. The pool and mini-bar are tried-and-tested top methods of refueling after a busy day, and while the rooms are simple, they still bring charm and comfort in bucket-loads.

Watch out for – The simple, easy-going nature of this hotel

Address – Avenue Habib Bourguiba,BP 544, Other, Sfax, Tunisia 3000

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Donia Hotel
Donia Hotel © Tunisie360

Donia Hotel

Donia Hotel is easily recommendable, and it’s clear to see why. There’s an all-round relaxation, including in the bar, which, despite being a bar that can get kind of busy, is still chilled-out. It’s traditionally Tunisian, so yes, it’s popular with tourists, but remains unspoiled and in short distance of central Sfax and all its historical sites. The staff are friendly and it’s worth mentioning that the beds are super comfy.

Watch out for – The friendly vibe

Address – route de l’aeroport km 0.5 Sfax, Sfax 3003, Tunisia

Sangho Le Syphax
Sangho Le Syphax © Trip Advisor

Sangho Le Syphax

This 4-star property has elegant and stylish written all over it. Not literally, of course, because that would somewhat spoil the carefully-crafted decor that Sangho Le Syphax clearly prides itself on. Suitable for families thanks to its children-specific pool, it also has rarer hotel options such as a hair salon and meeting rooms, plus both international and local cuisines between the restaurant and bar, breakfast options and the statistical advantage of a flawless geographic location.

Watch out for – The potential for every member of the family to beg to return

Address – JardinPublic, Route Soukra, Sfax, Tunisia

Grand Hotel Kerkennah
Grand Hotel Kerkennah © Hotels Combined

Grand Hotel Kerkennah

While not the most expensive hotel Sfax has to offer, Grand Hotel Kerkennah still makes for a great place to stay, particularly if you’re more of a casual type. Lined with attractive palm trees, the hotel specializes in simple interiors, but the quality is still there. Staff easily accommodate to queries, but you shouldn’t find any qualms with the rooms or service. Oh, and the pool is pretty good – not too big, not too small, great for practicing those lengths then sprawling on a sun-bed – the best form of recuperation.

Watch out for – A nice, easy time

Address – Sidi Fraj, Sfax, Tunisia

Alexandre Hotel
Alexandre Hotel © Places Online

Alexandre Hotel

Alexandre Hotel is close to Sfax’s large, popular Taieb Mhiri Stadium, but don’t let the fact that you’re likely to overhear an energetic soccer match put you off. Alexandre Hotel is arguably sculpted with business people in mind, as its entire center is dedicated to business. But if you’re just seeking some R&R with definitely no paperwork in mind, then you’ll still be taken care of. Room service, dry cleaning and laundry, satellite TV, a restaurant and bar are all in close proximity for you to enjoy every minute of your stay.

Watch out for – The friendly workers

Address – 21 Rue Alexandre Dumas,Sfax, Tunisia

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