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Top 10 Countries with the Lowest Crime Rate in the World (4 African countries make the top 10)

Currently in this world, when it comes to the Crime and Mankind, judging by all the things that have been going on from the very beginning of our existence, it seems that these are the two things which are really undividable. Every person reading this article certainly knows that story of Adam and Eve and the fact of forbidden fruit; so it’s clear that crime and mankind have a deep relation in their nature. The world is full of crimes, and there is no place which is totally safe and has no crimes. But following is a list of top ten countries that have the least crimes rate in the world in this list the crimes rate is given by country.



Rank Country Crime Rate
1. Burkina Faso flag  Burkina Faso 9.30
2. Mali flag  Mali 10.03
3. Syria flag  Syria 42.26
4. Cambodia flag  Cambodia 47.97
5. Yemen flag  Yemen 63.22
6. Flag_of_Myanmar  Myanmar 64.54
7. Angola flag  Angola 71.52
8. Cameroon flag  Cameroon 78.17
9. Vietnam Flag  Vietnam 83.56
10. Bangladesh flag  Bangladesh 89.66


Any country in the world, regardless its size, political conditions or even its economy all the things are directly being affected by the crimes. And the crimes are affecting about all the countries in the world. Some countries are trying their level best to eliminate the crimes and as the result some of the countries have decreased their crime rates while on the other hand some countries are taking the necessary measures just to stop these crimes which may be in the different forms either in form of civil crime or the social crime. But all are dangerous for the nations and their inhabitants. So all the governments should take the necessary measures just to stop this crisis.


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