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Top 10 Countries With Largest Christian Population!! 3 African countries among the top 10!

Christianity is the world’s largest religion with 2. 4 billion populations follow Christianity as religion; that reside in every country across the world. Christian population is decreasing in both numbers and percentage in some countries such as Australia and New Zealand but still Christianity is the largest religion in Europe, the Americas and Southern Africa. The Christian share of the world’s population stands at 33% which means that one out of three persons in the world follows Christianity as religion. In most developed countries, number of people who identify themselves as Christian is declining over the last few decades however European countries are considered the home of Christians where 70 % population is Christians. Christianity is the second-largest religion after Islam in some countries of Central Asia and the Middle East. Their adherents are divided into three largest group Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox. Numerous Christian denominations found themselves in competition with each other and sometime with the state. The proportion of people following Christianity is based on the percentage of the population in each country who are either identify themselves as Christian or members of any domination. Catholic Church, Protestantism, and the Eastern Orthodox Church are three largest domination of Christianity while Catholic Church has highest number of adherents nearly 1.09 billion people.

Top ten countries by largest number of Christians

Rank Country Cristian’s Population (Million) % of country’s Population
1. United States 246.78 79.5%
2. Brazil 175.70 91.4%
3. Mexico 107.10 97.5%
4. Russia 105.77 73.6%
5. Philippines 90.53 92.4%
6. Nigeria 80.28 50.8%
7. Congo 68.55 95.6%
8. China 67.07 5%
9. Ethiopia 54.97 64.5%
10. Italy 54.07 91.5%
The United States of America has the largest Christian population in the world, followed by Brazil and Mexico
Source: US State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report, the CIA World Factbook


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