Top 10 Countries with Highest illiteracy Rate in the World

illiteracy Rate IN THE WORLD


Illiteracy means lack of education, In the present era Education is much important in all the nations for each and every person because it teaches us how to live, how to treat others and how to spent one’s life. for the survival and development of a nation is totally depended on the literacy rate of that particular country. if a country has largest number illiterate people, no one can save that country from destructive downfall . There are numerous drawbacks of it. At present the Foremost important thing is to equip us with the modern trends of education so that we may not become like the ruined nations due to the lack of education.  But in-spite off all this, still there are several nations present with the highest illiteracy rate out of which top ten countries are ranked below:




Rank Country Adult Illiteracy rate
1. Niger 84.3%
2. Burkina Faso 77.0%
3. Afghanistan 63.7%
4. Sierra Leone 63.7%
5. The Gambia 63.5%
6. Guinea-Bissau 63.2%
7. Senegal 62.7%
8. Benin 62.5%
9. Ethiopia 61.3%
10. Mauritania 60.1%


A recent research showed that there is an increasing rate of illiteracy rate in all over the world which is turning into a dangerous situation and needs attention to resolve this raising issue.In accordance to a study conducted by World Statistics institute (WSI), more than 27% people are illiterate globally.  The main causes of this problem are social , motivational and family problems. Niger is the country having highest percentage of illiterate people. 84.3% people are not able to read,write or understand.


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