Top 10 Countries Who Absolutely Do Not Need Armed Forces

It is almost unbelievable that with the proliferation of terrorist attacks and conflicts all over the world, there are still some countries without military forces.

Report shows that while there are countries without military forces; some have limited military forces; while many others do have. A number of reasons contribute to this. It could be location, history amongst other political reasons.

It is worthy to note that these countries who do not see the need to have government-sponsored armed forces often have back-up plans which work for them. In some cases, the military defense plans are provided by other nations.

The leading country in the world with the largest military force is China with about 1,600,000 army personnel.

One common trait that runs in the list of countries with no military force is that they are great tourist destinations. Another is that they have paramilitary outfits that takes care of internal security.

In no particular order these are the countries without military forces:

1. Andorra

Military Forces

Andorra is the 6th smallest nation in Europe with an estimated 85,000 population. The landlocked tourist delight occupies a 468 km2 (181 sq mi) land area.

The small nation shares boundaries with Spain and France. As such the nation is covered under a protection agreement with both countries. In other words, Andorra’s defense is their military responsibility.

2. Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a prosperous Latin American nation with a population of about 4.5 million people. Since 1949, the nation’s constitution banned the establishment of military forces.

According to Wikipedia, Costa Rica is the headquarters for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and also the United Nations’ University for Peace.

3. Grenada


As a result of an invasion led by America, Grenada has not had a standing armed force since 1983. They have a paramilitary service, The Royal Grenada Police Force which takes care of internal security.

The Caribbean Regional Security System(RSS) substitutes the functions of the military force.

4. Marshall Islands


Under the Compact of Free Association, the defense responsibility of this nation lies with the United States. From time immemorial the police force has been the only defense outfit in the country.

5. Vatican City



The Vatican city has no signed treaty with the Italian government. Doing so will compromise the Vatican’s neutrality. But as a recognized sovereign state, the Vatican is protected by the Gendarmerie Corps and the Pontificial Swiss Guard.

6. Kiribati


Kiribati is an island republic with an estimated 2013 population of 102,351 people. The Police and Maritime Surveillance Unit takes charge of internal security. For external security, Australia and New Zealand under an agreement between the 3 nations provides the military defense.

7. Palau


Palau is yet another country that has never had a standing armed force since independence. The United States is also in charge of its defense system.



Tuvalu has never had a military force since its founding. Tuvalu, is an independent island nation in the South Pacific with an estimated 9,876 population.

9. Dominica


Dominica became an independent nation on 3 November 1978 but didn’t have its standing army since 1981. The Caribbean Regional Security System also takes care of its defense.

10. Nauru


The island country in Micronesia which covers an 8.1 sq mi land area making it one of the smallest regions in the world.

Other Countries without military forces include:

11. Liechtenstein

12. Federated States of Micronesia

13. Saint Lucia

14. Solomon Islands

15. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

16. Samoa

Countries With Limited Military Forces: 

1. Haiti

2. Iceland

3. Monaco

4. Mauritius

5. Panama

6. Vanuatu


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