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Top 10 Countries Where Women Have the Best Career Prospects

Forbes magazine analyzed the results of the latest survey on a topic that directly affects women. Today many women are trying to embark on entrepreneurship. Others try to find something to do depending on their degree, which is not necessarily easy. Finding work nowadays has become a luxury that the majority is doing small jobs to make ends meet.


Forbes Magazine ranks according to a series of criteria, the most important of which are career opportunities for women, work / life balance, job security and the country’s economic health.

The Czech Republic leads with 83%. According to polls on a group of expatriates, these women say they are very happy in their work lives (compared to only 72% of men). 73% say they are satisfied with their career prospects (compared to 63% of men).

In 2015, the country was in 26 th place in the global positioning but since then many things have improved in the economic scale that makes the Czech Republic the number one conducive to women’s careers country.

Let’s discover together the complete ranking!

– 1. Czech Republic 
– 2. Bahrain 
– 3. Taiwan 
– 4. Norway 
– 5. Denmark 
– 6. Luxembourg 
– 7. New Zealand 
– 8. The Netherlands 
– 9. Malta 
– 10. Australia


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