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Top 10 Countries With The Most Olympic Gold Medals!! You can guess the #1?

Most olympic medals winner countries in the world


for the notability and world exposure, major intent of all the countries participating in Olympics is to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games. Although winning a medal is the dream of every nation but it is given and comes only to the most hardworking,brilliant and succeeding nations .Various teams from the numerous nations are invited to the place where Olympic games are being played. Both male and females teams are invited to take part in the Olympics.Numerous kinds of games are played and The teams who got success and win the matches are appreciated by rewarding them gold, silver and other  metal medals.

In ancient Olympic Games, the Olive Wreath was used as the prize for the winning team. In fact it was an olive branch and was grown in Olympia.  When the more advanced and latest Olympics game began in 1986, then the hosts used to present the awards to the winners. There was a custom to present the medal made of gold, silver and bronze for the first three winners respectively. there are number of countries gaining the different types of medals in different games, but which country has won the most Olympic medals it is an interesting question.Following is a list of top ten nations having the highest number of  medals in the world.


List of Top 10 Countries by Most Gold Medals in Olympics Games in the World

Rank Countries No. of
1. UNITED STATES FLAG  United States 894
2. Uk flag  United Kingdom 189
3. france  France 184
4. Italy  Italy 182
5. Hungary flag  Hungary 156
6. germany  Germany 147
7. SWEDEN  Sweden 142
8. Australia  Australia 117
9. japan  Japan 114
10. China flag  China 112



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