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Top 10 Countries With Most Natural Disasters (African countries Missing!)

In 2014, of all areas located on the Earth, Asia had the most serious natural disasters’ destroyed, as 48% of all internationally announced destruction that year discovered the most populated continent in the world. Anyhow, statistics reveal us that 2014 wasn’t actually a particularly hard year regarding dealing with the anger of nature There were not strong storms similar to 2012’s Gritty or 2005’s Katrina in the United States. No robust earthquakes to equal the one in Haiti that murdered approximately 200,000 individuals in 2010. Furthermore even a particular catastrophic crisis like the Asian tsunami in 2004 that killed over 300,000 people.


Top 10 Countries with Most Natural Disasters

The suffering activity of natural destruction remained to stay active fairly for our liking during 2014, and the notable natural hazards punished many nations on the planet during that year. From wildfires in California to a volcano in Hawaii and a typhoon in the Philippines, 2014 observed a decent portion of extreme climate and new natural disasters that will go down in the story books for ages to come. EM-DAT, the International Disaster Database, has prepared a ranking list of countries that are the most by natural disasters during the year of 2014 and later partitioned them by type of case. In this ranking list, the analysis of many geophysical, climatological, hydrological, and meteorological accidents that happened in the listed countries are respectively listed, together with the total including them all.




natural disasters in china

As per the database, China was the nation that underwent the greatest number of natural destruction during 2014. China reported eight geophysical destruction (earthquakes), two climatological disasters (droughts), fifteen meteorological disasters (storms) and fifteen hydrological disasters (floods and landslides) all inside their borders happened in 2014. With the Mother Nature bashing them so vigorously regularly, it’s not surprising China holds the first spot in our ranking.


natural disasters in United States


Getting the next Next in our ranking is the United States of America. As it encountered fourteen meteorological disasters, two climatological disasters, one geophysical disaster and three hydrological disasters in 2014. These casualties include a massive snowstorm buffeting Buffalo, New York, and the Grand Lakes region, tornadoes that struck Louisiana and a wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona.  Florida, Nebraska, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Illinois alike.


natural disasters in India

The third spot in our ranking list is given to India that suffered around 15 natural disasters during the same year.

Japan Follows India as he database shows that Japan also underwent ten meteorological disasters, two geophysical disasters, and one hydrological disaster. The island country didn’t encounter any climatological disasters, though, in 2014. After Japan, the next spot is given to the Philippines that is reported to suffer nine meteorological disasters, one geophysical disaster and three hydrological disasters in the year of 2014. Below is the list of top 10 Countries with most natural disasters in the world.

dangerous natural disasters in 2014


Rank Country Meteorological Disasters Climatological Disasters Geophysical Disasters Hydro-logical Disasters Total
1. China 15 2  8  15  40
2. United States 14 2  1  3  20
3. India 7 0  0  8  15
4. Japan 10 0  2  1  13
5. Philippines 9 0  1  3  13
6. Indonesia 0 0  2  8  10
7. Mexico 6 0  2  0  8
8. France 5 0  0  3  8
9. Thailand 2 1  1  4  8
10. Nepal 1 0  0  6  7



On a global scale, regardless of her recurrence or force of blows,  nature is obviously always active. There is not a particular year that moves by without various countries on the planet undergoing natural disasters of any kind that obstruct their residents and foundation, and 2014 was certainly no exemption.


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