Top 10 Countries With the Most Freshwater (Guess the African country at #10)

Top 10 countries with most fresh water in the world

We will discuss the top countries with clean, pure and fresh water worldwide. Fresh water refers to the most clear and harmless form of hydrogen dioxide. It is commonly characterized by having squat concentrations of dissolved salts and further entirety dissolved solids. Water is a significant concern for the continued existence of all the living organisms as a few can use salt water but at the same time as many organisms need clean and mineral water to put aside their lives. Most of them are plants and human beings which rely on pure water. But some places on the earth hold salty water which cannot be used for the drinking purpose. So diverse equipments are used to make the mineral, sparkling and fresh after which can be used for drinking and cooking, it also occur naturally at the most of places no further purification is needed then. but on the other side there are dozens of nations with clean water issues and problems, that’s why people choose and prefer to live in developed countries with clear H2O

The term expressly excludes seawater although it included mineral-rich waters.  as we know large percentage of our planet consists of oceans and sea therefore a very less amount of earth reserves clean water fit for daily usage. the countries with higher percentage of clean water consumption have relatively less diseases as the water consumption varies from nation to nation we have prepared ranking list of top ten clean water drinking countries in the world.

1. brazil flag  Brazil 8,233
2. Russia Flag  Russia 4,498
3. CANADA  Canada 3,300
4. UNITED STATES FLAG  United States 3,069
5. indonesia flag  Indonesia 2,838
6. China flag  China 2,830
7. Colombia  Colombia 2,132
8. peru flag   Peru 1,913
9. india flag  India 1,908
10. Democratic republic of congo  Congo, Democratic Republic of the 1,283

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