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Top 10 Countries Which Consume The Most Water In The World – Nigeria, the only African country!!


The scarcity of fresh water is the biggest concern of recent era and soon in the coming centuries the whole world would be after water resources as today they are after the fuel and hydrocarbon reserves. If the consumption of it will be kept at the current rate, then it will be a matter of few decades when all the countries will get on the verge of war just because of it’s shortage. This issue needs to be monitored and demands immediate solution or alternatives to save the remaining reserves left during ongoing global warming. There are certain parts of the world where it’s consumption is significantly high due to some reasons which include, overpopulation, wastage of water and contamination of fresh water. These are the major problems that if not put to an end then the countries not taking precautionary steps will soon be serious droughts and famines consequently.

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Any country consumes water in a plenty of ways; it is being utilized for industrial purposes, household usage, agricultural use, and generation of electricity. In a nut shell, the whole economy of a country directly or indirectly relies on the water resources. Down below are the countries being narrowed down as the top ten countries which have the most water consumption rate in the world, the annual consumption figures predict their consumption patterns.


Nigeria, a land covering about 200,000 square kilometers with the population of 160 million. The country consumes at the rate of 157, 366 million cubic meters per annum. This African State is located in the Gulf of Guinea with variant landforms. The country has two major water supply river system i.e. The Chad system and the Niger-Benue which is mostly utilized to meet the consumption demands.

  1. JAPAN:

The history of Japan has shown many years of water shortage which was the corollary to the huge demand of water supply. Increased consumption of therefore the significant factor. According to the recent figures the country is consuming almost million cubic meters each year. According to the experts, the figures will multiply up to many folds in the years coming by. It raises serious concerns for the Japanese government and their water conservation policies.

  1. MEXICO:

The water resources in the country are under stressful condition moreover Mexico is stated to be the 8th most water consuming country in the world. It has the consumption rate of 197, 425 million cubic meters annually. The country is facing serious threats to its economy to meet the increasing demand for each sector.

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The excessive wastage of freshwater, global warming, and drastic climatic changes has impacted over the total reserves of the state. However, the country is facing increased consumption due to ever increasing the population. The sum of total used in the agricultural and other sector is estimated to be 199, 429 million cubic meters per annum. With fewer dams and melting glaciers the country has serious concerns for coming years.


The volcanic Island of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, consumes about 232,239 million cubic meters  per year, and the figures are expected to be doubled till 2017. The country has almost six percent of world’s water which is by far unable to meet the ever increasing consumption rate.

  1. RUSSIA:

By land, Russia is the largest state located at borders of Europe and Asia. It has the population of 14.3 billion people and the state consumes about 270,490 million cubic meters of water per year. Russia is a landlocked state with most of its freshwater reserves completely frozen due to harsh climatic conditions. Russian Water Association has however devised new policies to meet the demand in the hour of need.

  1. BRAZIL:

Brazil, a South American state is the fourth most water consuming country in the world and the figures of 355,374 million cube meters per year, clearly, indicate the fact. To cater the demand of freshwater in the country, Brazil has the water management system which has taken many initiatives including the renewable water’s program. However, there is evidence that states that the biggest city in Brazil is under the spell of drought for consecutive years which needs extra attention.


The United States of America consumes about 821,354 million cubic meters annually which third most in the world. Well, the country has the widespread industrial network which consumes half of the water whereas the rest of used for household purposes providing ample amount of fresh water to citizens. It has 4.5 percent of world’s population whereas the country has 8 percent of the total world’s freshwater resources.

  1. INDIA:

India, the nation of more than 1.252 billion souls, is the second most populous country which makes it the second most water consuming state in the world. Its average annual consumption of water is 11, 44605 million cubic meters. India has some major rivers that are meeting the demand of fresh water Moreover the country has constructed the number of dams since its establishment which reserves ample amount per year to provide it to the agricultural sector.

  1. CHINA:

China is the most populated country in the world, with more than 1.357 billion population. Therefore it demands great supply of freshwater. It, therefore, consumes 1368009 million cubic meters per year which are the most of all according to the recent figures but the geographic position and national conservation strategies the country if capable to reserve huge amount of it which can meet the current needs. The water is most used in an industrial and agricultural sector as the country has a large number of agricultural lands.

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