Top 10 Common Phobias In The World


There are many things that we fear in this world. When that fear comes to an extremity, it becomes a phobia. It stays deep in our head and will bother us once we encounter that source of fear. Listed below are the top known phobias.

10. Nyctophobia – Fear of darkness

When you find yourself in the dark and start to feel uneasy, then you have the fear of the dark. A lot of symptoms are already recorded like increase of heart rate, shaking or sweating and you may also see a lot of bloodstained images that will remain in your head when you are in the dark or when you close your eyes. When the phobia gets worse, it may turn into something wore or stressful.

9. Agoraphobia – Fear of Public Places

This fear happens when one is with a number of people gathering in one place. The tendency is that the one with the phobia thinks that a lot of negative events are likely to happen in a place where there are a lot of people. The word used for this phobia came from the Greek with the meaning, fear of public places.

8. Chorophobia – Fear of Dancing

The fear of dancing happens when you are in a big event and someone asked you to dance. People with this phobia thinks that dancing may cause them serious embarrassment that’s why they try to avoid it. Generally, dancing could be fun and exciting, but for these people, it’s definitely a no-no.

7. Spectrophobia – Fear of Ghosts

Though the fear of ghosts may be normal, when it turns into a severe one, it becomes a phobia. The case is that people may have experienced a traumatic situation, that is why, the fear carried on to a person’s life from a child until he or she became an adult. In order to overcome this fear, one should think differently and gain the ability to control his or hew own thoughts.

6. Cynophobia – Fear of Dogs

One of the common phobias is the fear of dogs. If you suddenly become scared when you hear the dogs barking or you suddenly had the impulse to run, then you have this phobia. In extreme situations, some people even pee in their pants when they see any part of the dog.

5. Caligynephobia – Fear of Beautiful Women


It’s very much unfortunate for some people who have the fear of beautiful women. But there are just cases when men are hesitant to approach a beautiful woman. There are also men who are already formulating conversations in their mind but just don’t have the courage to spill them out. The fear of beautiful women is often caused by past hurts and traumatic experiences in relationship.

4. Acrophobia – Fear of Heights

This fear ranges of standing on a high structure like a building, to the minutest situation like climbing a ladder or being on a high floor. People with this phobia tend to close their eyes and rely on their instinct to maintain the balance. One way to overcome this phobia is to challenge it head on and be exposed with it.

3. Ithyphallophobia – Fear of Erection

This might be difficult for men because erection is a natural phenomenon that happens in men’s bodily functions. This is an involuntary reaction of the male body to external factors that entice him. That is why this phobia is very hard for every man.

2. Social Phobia

It cannot be blamed that some of us are extrovert, with the charisma to mingle with other people, and some are introvert who prefer to be alone. When this become serious to the point that it becomes a fear, then it becomes a phobia. Usually, people with social phobia are afraid in terms of being in front of many people or in a class presentation.

1. Necrophobia – Fear of Death

Perhaps, this is the most common fear. All of us enjoy our lives and want to make the most of our time here on Earth. So when you think about the coming of the world’s end, it might be difficult to swallow that our life is just temporary. But when it becomes extreme, this fear prevents the one with the phobia to enjoy life. One should just always remember that what’s most important is our present times and not the uncertain future.


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