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A Look at the Top 10 Cities with Surprisingly Small African-American Populations

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Plantation, Florida

Plantation is 98 percent white, with a total population of 84,955. The city was once the Everglades Plantation Company. Plantation suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Wilma on Oct. 24, 2005.

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Mentor, Ohio

Though ranked Mentor 68th on its list of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in America, the city with a population of 47,159 is only 1.4 percent Black, with 639 Black people.

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Dubuque, Iowa

The city of Dubuque, which is 95 percent white, has long historic ties to the Ku Klux Klan. In the 1920s, the Klan’s power became visible in the area. Several crosses were burned in the area over an 18-month period. In 1925, the Klan held a gathering that they called a “Konklave.” Over 50,000 people attended the rally. The Klan held another “Konklave,” as well as a parade.


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Parma, Ohio

The city of Parma is 95 percent white and only 2.2 percent Black. The city has a long history of housing discrimination, which is made apparent by the 1961 case The United States of America vs. City of Parma, Ohio. The city claimed Parma became racially segregated solely as a result of associational preferences and economics, and not because of racial discrimination. The case refuted that, and it was determined that the segregation was due to housing discrimination.

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Kettering, Ohio

With a population of 56,163, Kettering is 94 percent white. The city is only 2 percent Black. The area has a history of trying to segregate its towns by changing bus routes to stop mostly Black towns from being able to mix with other towns.



Bismarck, North Dakota

The capital of North Dakota has a population of 61,272 — 94 percent white  and only .6 percent Black. As of 2012, North Dakota had no anti-bias or hate crimes on the books, no independent Commission of Human Rights and no reliable system for those who feel they have been wronged to get help, according to the Huffington Post.

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Warwick, Rhode Island

The second-largest city in the state of Rhode Island has a population of 82,672 and is only 1.5 percent Black.


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Livonia, Michigan 

With a population of 96,942, Livonia is 94 percent white, 3.4 percent Black and 2.5 percent Hispanic, among other races.

Maple Grove, Minnesota

With a population of 61,567, the Minnesota city is about 94 percent white, 4.1 percent Black and 2.3 percent Hispanic. The state of Minnesota, as a whole, is known for having very few Black people. Over 75 percent of Minnesota’s population is of Western Europe descent.



 Weymouth, Massachusetts

Weymouth, Massachusetts

With a population of 53,743, the city of Weymouth is 94 percent white, 2.9 percent Black and 1.5 percent Hispanic. The city has a history of police discrimination, with one of the most recent cases happening in August.


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